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   Chapter 1620 Mission Completed

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"Ha-ha!" Mockery was obvious in the man's voice. He was the leader of the Incept Sect. "It seems that all of you doesn't know how to admit defeat. Wait and see who will get the flag!"

He was full of confidence, bragging what they would achieve.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the other three sects, sulked.

"Look!" Someone sitting on the meadow suddenly called out. "The disciples participating in the contest are coming back!"

He was pointing at the distant mountains.

Instantly all people set their sights over it.

As expected, some figures appeared one by one and came flying toward the meadow.

"Ha-ha, our disciples are coming back!"

The sect leader of the Incept Sect stood up first with excitement, believing his disciples would win the tournament.

"Our disciples are coming back, too!"

the sect leader of the Mysterious Sect said, with his voice cheerful.

The sect leader of the Almighty Sect stood up, looking at the disciples which looked like his disciples, also coming back.

"They are also here," he said with a smile.

"The disciples of the Shiny Sect are coming back, aren't they?" someone asked. But before the leader of the Shiny Sect expressed his worries, he saw them. "There they are!"

Damian and other leaders of the Shiny Sect also saw the disciples coming.

"Why are they all coming back? What happened to them?

It's strange that disciples of all four sects are appearing at the same time. Who got the flag?"

People whispered, watching closely as how the disciples appeared to their sights from the mountains.

In no time, all disciples came back in the air above the meadow.

They landed on the platform where their sect was located in respectively.

The disciples of the Incept Sect participating the contest were cheerful, because they all believed that the principal disciple Carl had already come back earlier and handed over the banner to the sect leader.

"Sect leader," one of the principle disciples said. "We're back.

Congratulations to us! Our Incept Sect has won the contest at last!"

They cheered.

Hearing the cheers of his disciples, the sect leader of the Incept Sect could not help but laugh.

"That is really good. Well done! All of you will be amply rewarded when we return home.

As I have expected, we will definitely be the winner!"

The sect leader of the Incept Sect let out a hearty laugh.

Comparatively, disciples of o

no answer, Austin just touched the Space Ring. Then a big flag appeared. Held by Austin was the flag, spreading in the wind.

"The flag!"

Everyone immediately stared at what Austin was holding.

"Elder Damian! Sect leader!" Austin called, getting their attention. "I have brought the flag back. The mission has been completed.

The victory will belong to our Shiny Sect."

His voice was slow and calm as he ended his small speech with a smile of honor.

Everyone roared.

Everything happened so fast. Some people who were watching, and even the disciples themselves, were confused and couldn't believe what was happening.

All of them thought that the Incept Sect would be the winner of the contest, because of the pill he made the disciples take.

Nobody ever thought that a disciple of the Shiny Sect would get the flag.

"Oh, my goodness! What's happening? I am confused."

"It is hard to believe that a disciple with Semi-emperor Realm from the Shiny Sect has got the flag, but it is exciting!"

"Well, there have been so many cultivators with Bitter Sea Realm who failed in seizing the flag. How can a young man at just Semi-emperor Realm bring it back?"

The field was loud with people's shouts. Everyone was wondering how Austin had made it.

"W-Wait! The flag should have been seized by our principal disciple Carl!

Where is he?

How did you get the flag from him? What have you done to Carl?!"

The leader of the Incept Sect still couldn't accept what had happened.

With face contorted in rage and eyes fiercely glaring on Austin, he shouted at the young man hysterically.

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