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   Chapter 1619 Take The Flag

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'I must take care of him immediately, ' Austin thought.

Using his spiritual sense, he noticed that the participants from the other three sects were gaining ground and were about to get rid of the people from the Incept Sect.

Without any hesitation, he made a move against Carl.

A bronze furnace about the size of his fist got out from his body.

It grew bigger and bigger until it was a hundred meters tall.

The terrifying power kept advancing towards Carl.

The next moment, there was a deafening sound.

The bronze furnace had started to tremble, making that loud sound.

As it shook fiercely, its lid started to move.

Four kinds of fire of different colors gushed out of the furnace, causing the lid to fall.

They turned into vast seas of fire in an instant and came at Carl from different directions. There was no chance for him to escape.

Sensing the power in the seas of fire, Carl was so scared that he couldn't think clearly. He was taken aback by the attacking force.

"Oh, no!" he let out a cry of fear.

The seas of fire advancing towards him from all directions engulfed him. Within a second, he turned to dust.

Quite unbelievably, the flag had survived the fire.

It was obvious now that it was made of some special material which was hard to be destroyed.

Austin put away the bronze furnace. With a wave of his sleeve, the flag came darting towards him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A few powerful cultivators in the deep mountains were heading in Austin's direction.

Austin activated his spatial power, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the void.

On the other hand, a disciple of the Incept Sect spoke out loud.

"Hey! Guys, why don't we come to a truce?

I guess Carl is getting to the grassland.

There is no point fighting like this.

The game is set,"

he said triumphantly.

"Exactly! We are going to be victorious. Just live with it!"

"Ha-ha. Do you still think you can win?

Give up t

The sect which won the contest would take control over the teleportation array in the Gold City in the following five years.

If a sect could use the teleportation array, they could have acquired many resources and wealth through it.

The Incept Sect had won the last tournament. So the teleportation array was under its control over the past five years.

Thanks to the array, the Incept Sect had become the most influential one among the four top sects in the Dawning Kingdom.

The leader of the Incept Sect broke out laughing abruptly.

"I hope it'll not be too much for you to take.

The victory is surely going to be ours. Our sect will emerge as the winner.

There is no doubt about that now!


Well, now it looks like we'll be able to use the teleportation array for another five years,"

he said in a tone filled with pride and overconfidence.

'My disciples are more powerful than those from the other three sects.

I have faith in them. I'm sure they will not let me down, ' he thought.

"Don't be so overconfident. The game is not over yet. It's still too early to day who will have the last laugh,"

the leader of the Mysterious Sect snorted coldly.

"Don't jump to the conclusions,"

Elder Damian said without any emotion. He seemed as calm and composed as ever.

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