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   Chapter 1617 The Fierce Battle Began

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Considering that they were Bitter Sea Realm masters, Austin rushed forward and disappeared into the void.

Since Austin had absorbed so much energy from the space crystals, he was better at Space Teleportation now. He could travel farther through space at a faster speed.

In the blink of an eye, he could travel to a different dimension.

No sooner had Austin vanished into the void than three beams of light showed up at the entrance of the valley.

They were at the Bitter Sea Realm.

"Cabe, are you sure that the platform is in this valley?" asked one of them.

He was a tall and thin man.

"Yes, I'm sure of that. I have released over a thousand tracking mice and one of them told me through its spiritual sense that the platform is here," answered a strong man who was called Cabe Hao.

"Let me summon it so we can make sure that we are in the right place." There was a light of excitement in his eyes.

He then ordered the tracking mouse to meet him through his spiritual sense.

A few moments later, an unnoticeable light dashed out of the valley.


It landed on the strong man's palm.

It was the mouse that he summoned. Its body emitted golden lights.

The mouse had a golden fur on its back. Its head was like an arrowhead. It had a pair of big eyes that gave off visible yellow lights.

Cabe Hao started communicating with the mouse on his palm.

After a while, an elated look came across his face. The mouse confirmed that what he told his companions was right.

"This tracking mouse told me that the platform is in this valley." Caleb Hao assured the other two masters that they were in the right place.

"That's good! This tracking mouse is surely useful. Our leader spent a lot for these tracking mice but I think it's also worth it," commented the tall, thin man.

He also felt elated after hearing the strong man's words.

"Let's go get that flag." Caleb Hao put the tracking mouse away. "But before that, let's first inform our other companions about our situation using the Contact Jade Slip."

Right after contacting the disciples of the Mysterious Sect, the three Bitter Sea Realm masters rushed into the valley.

They moved at a full speed. Apparently, they were so excited to get the flag.

Meanwhile, a blue light suddenly appeared a few kilometers away from the valley.

Then gradually, a figure was formed.

It was a young man who was clad in white clothes. He fixed his eyes in the direction of the valley with a smirk on his face.

"I knew they were up to something when I saw the

ill do whatever it takes to help Shiny Sect win this game," murmured Austin.

A vicious look flickered in his eyes.

He decided to just stay where he was and watch the other sects fight. He would only start making a move once many participants got defeated. In that way, the challenge of getting the flag would be lighter.

Actually, he could easily get the flag if he really wanted to because he had that powerful bronze furnace.

No doubt about it, none of these participants could survive the attack of the furnace.

However, if Austin would use the bronze furnace, his identity would be exposed. It could cause him a big problem.

It was known to all that Austin stole the bronze furnace from Marcus.

If he showed up now with the bronze furnace, people would definitely talk about it. Once the news spread, the people of the Ji Family would know that he was a disciple of the Shiny Sect.

If that happened, Austin and the Shiny Sect would be doomed. That was the last thing that he wanted.

So, to avoid getting into trouble, Austin waited for the right time to get the flag. He just needed to observe the situation carefully.

"Fuck! Anyone who dares to take the flag away from us must die," shouted one of the disciples of the Incept Sect. He was at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

As soon as he finished his words, he dashed towards the platform. He formed a palm of vital energy to get the flag.

There was absolutely no way that the participants from the other sects would just watch and do nothing. After all, they had the same purpose for being here—to get the flag.

"Come on, guys!"

The participants from the other sects swarmed towards the flag all at once.

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