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   Chapter 1616 Shoot Down Emperor Realm Cultivators Of The Premium Stage

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Looking at the members of the Shiny Sect who were on the run, the participants from the Incept Sect laughed out loud. They chased their prey.

"It looks like the disciples from the Shiny Sect are cowards. But don't think you can get away from us," teased one of the disciples from the Incept Sect.

Though the members of the Shiny Sect were infuriated at their enemy's insults, they were compelled to ignore it and just thought of their escape.

They had no other way out since they had only got three members who were at the premium stage of Emperor Realm, while the enemy had about ten at that level. They didn't think they could defeat their enemies at all.

'Damn it! They are just at the Emperor Realm. How can they be so cocky?'

Austin thought while making a run for his life.

The moment he got the chance to be alone, he activated his spatial power and vanished into the void.

A few seconds later, he appeared behind a tall tree in the woods.

Looking around, he made sure that there was no sign of people. Then he changed his appearance and disguised himself as a young man.

Austin could change his looks whenever he wore the human-mask that Elder Damian had given him. And the mask could also conceal the real aura of his spiritual soul. Hence, he could pose as another person any time.

Once he had altered his looks, he took out the Invincible Bow.

As he pulled out the bow, his overwhelming vital energy transformed into a long arrow. Then he aimed at one of the disciples of the Incept Sect who was far away from him. His target was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

Keeping a steady aim, he released the arrow at his target.


The arrow rushed towards the disciple of the Incept Sect at full speed.

"Who is over there?"

The disciple from the Incept Sect was able to sense that some danger was approaching him. Baffled and startled, he turned around in a bid to flee.

He saw the arrow which was about to reach him.

At first he freaked out. Calming himself quickly, he formed a palm of vital energy to catch the arrow.


The arrow was too powerful. It shattered the palm made of vital energy into pieces.

Blood spurted out from the corner of the disciple's mouth.

The Invincible Bow was an amazing magic treasu

a totally different person.

They had no idea why a stranger was helping them kill the disciples of the Incept Sect.

'If I act alone, perhaps I can find the flag early, '

Austin thought.

He felt that his team members would only hold him back.

If he looked for the platform on his own, he would be able to get there faster.

Austin dashed into the thick woods nearby.

He stepped forward and vanished into the void. When he made an appearance, he was five kilometers away from where he was last seen.

"Gnome, Violet! I need you to help me find that platform,"

Austin told his companions through his spiritual sense.

The gnome and Violet quickly came out of the Illusion Bead.

The three of them began seeking the platform.

An hour had passed off now.

"Master, I think I sensed an illusion array deep in the valley ahead of us,"

Violet gushed.

From the time she had a breakthrough and awakened more illusion abilities, she was better at spotting illusion arrays than she had been earlier.


An illusion array had been set up around the platform.

If there is an illusion array deep in this valley, perhaps we will find the platform there too!"

Austin beamed.

"Let's go and look for it in this valley,"

he ordered.

Without any delay, he activated his bodily movement skill to rush into the valley.

However, a few strong cultivators were already on their way to the valley.

'They are Bitter Sea Realm masters, '

Austin thought with a scowl on his face.

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