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   Chapter 1615 Four-sect Joint Tournament Begins

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According to the legend, Vital Energy Boost Pill could help the cultivator improve their vital energy realms within a short period of time.

However, it also had a fatal side. They said that after taking the pill, user could skip several realms but would be unable to make any breakthrough.

Therefore, cultivators easily got scared just at the mention of Vital Energy Boost Pill despite its pleasant effect.

They wouldn't even think about consuming it.

Leaders of the Incept Sect determined to win the Four-sect Join Tournament this year had ordered their disciples to take it, despite knowing the side effects a single Vital Energy Boost Pill could do to cultivators.

People from other three sects even suspected that the Vital Energy Boost Pill might be the exact same reason for Incept Sect's having won the last Four-sect Joint Tournament.

"Cut the crap!" said the leader of the Incept Sect. He snorted and waved his sleeve. "We'll see who will be the winner."

He took his seat and didn't argue with Elder Damian, which meant the latter's speculation was right.

They were flabbergasted to find out that the leader of the Incept Sect would use such low means in order to win the tournament.

Rumor had it that no one knew how to make the Vital Energy Boost Pill, and that it was long gone because of its side effects. None of them had expected that the people of the Incept Sect would get the pill.

Core members of the other three sects present felt frustrated.

'The Incept Sect had run the teleportation array in the Gold City for five years. Are they going to take control over that array in the next five years?'

The senior figures of the three major sects of the Dawning Kingdom furrowed their eyebrows dejectedly as if they had already lost the game.

Only the leader of the Incept Sect smirked, glancing at the people from the other three sects. He smelled victory, and it would be his.

Half an hour later, the four sect leaders stood up simultaneously.

Seeing the act, speculators on the grassland quieted down immediately.

They all knew that the Four-sect Joint Tournament was about to begin.

"Attention, everyone.


could help them win the game faster. If few disciples of a sect could get to see the platform, that would mean a larger chance for their own sect.

Soon after, Austin and his team members ran into a bunch of disciples from another sect.

With the clothes, he was sure they were from the Incept Sect. The number of them was equal to that of Austin and his companions.

If not all, most of them had reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

"Humph!" a disciple from the Incept Sect in charge of the team snorted. "It turns out you're losers from the Shiny Sect. Dispose all of them!"

The leader of Incept Sect's demeanor and aura was a giveaway that he already was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm. Holding a ferocious expression, he dashed towards the participants from the Shiny Sect with his team members.

"Run!" one of Austin's comrades shouted, alert. "This is not the right time to be heroic!" He had reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm a few years back, but with the members of the Incept Sect and the equal numbers, they would surely be in the losing side.

They might lose the game and lives of the team prematurely.

'There are only three members who are at the premium stage of Emperor Realm in our sect. There is no way we can match them. Making an escape is the best choice for us, ' he contemplated.

And so, he and his team, together with Austin, activated their bodily movement skill, and cleared out.

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