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   Chapter 1614 Vital Energy Boost Pill

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Austin looked around and found that the so-called hunting area was an open field. It was surrounded by five huge mountains.

He examined the area only to find plenty of big mountains, luxuriant jungles and towering trees.

He also sensed a great number of powerful diabolic beasts among the bushes and woods. Obviously, this was heaven for those dangerous creatures.

A vast grassland where people were gathered was also part of the hunting area.

Dozens of platforms were set up there

and all of them only belonged to the powerful sects, forces or clans.

As for the members of weaker sects, they could only find themselves a clean place to sit on the grassland.

Elder Damian led his disciples to one of the platforms.

Dozens of people were already seated there.

All of them were the core figures of the Shiny Sect and this included Steward Noah whom Austin knew.

One of them was a middle-aged man with twinkling eyes and a debonair look.


All the disciples bowed to him.

'It turns out that this middle-aged man is the Shiny Sect's leader.

Since the Shiny Sect is one of the Flame Holy Land's branches, I bet he works for our sect too.

Other than him, all the senior members of the Shiny Sect are also a part of our sect, ' Austin mused.

All the present chief figures stood up and bowed to Elder Damian.

The elder nodded at them and gestured at them and the disciples to take their seats.

All of them including the disciples took their seats and waited for the competition to begin.

"Attention, everyone.

No one will announce the rules because nothing has been changed.

Therefore, I am going to tell you something about the competition,"

Elder Damian abruptly said to the disciples.

The participants were immediately all ears.

"As you can see, there is a platform in the middle of the mountains.

A flag is also there.

The participants need to enter the mountain from different directions and get that flag.

Whoever does and brings it back here will be the winner. It doesn't matter how this is achieved.

Killing is allowed. Take out all your enemies if that's what makes you

d one hundred outer disciples to join the tournament.

This way, the result was determined by the battle forces of the participants.

The disciples with the highest cultivation base were more likely to win.

The participants from the Incept Sect shamelessly showcased their terrifying vital energy realm.

In terms of cultivation base, they were more powerful than those from the other three sects.

"No way!

This is impossible! How come your disciples' overall strength improved all of a sudden?"

the leader of the Mysterious Sect growled.

"You're being ridiculous, Mr. Xiao. You've already checked them yourself. Just accept the truth,"

the Incept Sect leader snorted.

"Mr. Li, you used the legendary Vital Energy Boost Pill.

Such desperate measures.

With this you have deprived them of their potential in martial arts.

Although they skipped several realms after taking the Vital Energy Boost Pills, they won't be of use with their future martial arts cultivation. Worse, the pill will backfire on their cultivation. After all, the pill has this negative effect on a cultivator's cultivation.

You practically destroyed them and sent them to their doom," Elder Damian explained.

Everyone gasped after hearing this.

"They consumed Vital Energy Boost Pills," were the whispers that could be heard from everyone.

All of them got the gist of the Incept sect's strategy and this shocked them.

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