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   Chapter 1613 The Hunting Field

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After a few hours, Austin returned to Shiny Sect headquarters.

He put on the human-skin mask that Elder Damian gave him so no one had recognized him. The mask made him look like a fierce and unfriendly young man.

Since his looks changed, he also had a new identity in the Shiny Sect. Everyone there called him Tony Liu.

Changing his appearance gave him the advantage of moving around the headquarters freely. He didn't need to worry that someone might recognize him or doubt him.

As soon as he arrived at the Shiny Sect, Austin received a message from Rahul. According to the message, all disciples who would join the Four-sect Joint Tournament needed to gather at the drilling square. Since Austin was one of them, he had to be there too.

Austin didn't see any problem with it so he went. When he arrived at the square, many disciples of the Shiny Sect were already waiting there.

Elder Damian and more than twenty disciples of the Flame Holy Land were there, too.

When Austin entered the square, he immediately went to Rahul and greet him and the other members of the Flame Holy Land.

Elder Damian gave him a nod as a sign of greeting and acknowledgement.

Needless to say, Elder Damian liked Austin.

The elder had always been friendly to him since they had met. It was all because of Austin's outstanding performance and his talents. For Elder Damian, he was a promising disciple.

A few moments later, all disciples who signed up for the Four-sect Joint Tournament were all at the square.

There were more than one hundred of them.

Among those disciples were over twenty disciples of the Flame Holy Land including Rahul and Austin.

The rest were elites from the Shiny Sect.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin checked the cultivation bases of all the participants.

He found out that five of them were principal disciples of the Bitter Sea Realm and fifty were inner disciples of the Emperor Realm.

There were also one hundred outer disciples whose cultivation bases were at Semi-emperor Realm and lower.

All in all, there were one hundred fifty-five participants.

The Shiny Sect was one of the fourth-class sects in the East Mainland.

In the East Mainland, fourth-class sects also had their classifications.

Those who hadn't reached the Semi-emperor Realm we

ortation array was rumored to transport its targets to any places in the East Mainland.

A large teleportation array could teleport its target from one region to another in the Divine Continent. For example, people from the East Mainland could be transported to the West Desert, the South Mountain, the North Plateau or the Middle Pilgrim Land.

The one in the Gold City was a small teleportation array.

The four major sects in the Dawning Kingdom had been taking turns in controlling this array.

The Four-sect Joint Tournament which was being held every five years could be the way for these four major sects to have a chance to take control of this small teleportation array.

"I think the people from the other three sects were also on their way now," said Elder Damian.

"Let's get to the hunting area."

Elder Damian then gave a sign to the flying bone.

'I didn't know that the Four-sect Joint Tournament will be held in a hunting area, ' Austin thought to himself.

The beast skeleton flew towards the hunting field on the outskirts of the Gold City.

Soon enough, it arrived at the entrance of the site.

They saw a throng of people swarming towards the entrance of the hunting area.

Apart from the members from the four major sects, other sects, clans and royal families also sent their men to watch the competition.

Elder Damian and his disciples jumped off the beast bone. He then made his way to the entrance of the hunting field.

Austin and the other disciples followed him into the hunting area.

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