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   Chapter 1612 Cultivation

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Finally alone in his room, Austin took out the Space Ring that Roc King had given him from his pocket and stared at it for a long time.

He figured this wasn't an ordinary gift from a great master like Roc King himself.

'According to Roc King, he got the stuff inside the ring from a human master.

So if he called that person a master, that cultivator must be incredibly powerful, ' he contemplated.

There was only one way to find out if that was true. So, using his spiritual sense, Austin slipped inside the ring to check its contents. Lo and behold, he found two jade slips with martial skills recorded in them.

This got his heart beating faster. He took the jade slips out of the ring and picked one of them to read the information inside, still with the use of his spiritual sense.

It turned out that the jade slip had recorded the Dragon Lightness, a bodily movement skill.

Studying the content, Austin learned how mysterious and profound the Dragon Lightness was.

If he could master it, then he could double, or even more, his speed.

It was the best bodily movement skill he had ever known and he would never pass on the chance to acquire it.

Austin proceeded to the other jade slip, which had recorded the Magic Archery, another rare martial skill.

The deeper he read through the information, the more amazed he became.

'Oh, the benefits are just too irresistible. If I successfully grasp this skill, I could easily shoot my enemy even if he's on the move and ahead of me by dozens or even hundreds of miles.

If I practice this skill more, I can take my enemy down even if he is a few thousand miles ahead of me.

The higher my vital energy realm is, the farther the arrow can reach and hit my target, ' Austin realized.

He was getting too giddy about the possibilities.

"Awesome! These jade slips have recorded such useful skills! They're just for me!

Who knew that I could get even more powerful?

Bodily movement skill and archery skill...

I'll master you both!"

Austin said, enthusiastic like a little boy attending school for the first time.

Then, out of the blue, he jolted. An idea came to him.

He rubbed the Space Ring, with great care of course, and took out a purple bow.

It was the Invincible Bow, which he acquired in an ancient battlefi

endering it restless.

It threw its head back and growled savagely.

Then, it turned around and hurried towards the deeper part of the mountain.

Having seen this, Austin immediately aimed his arrow and released it.

The arrow chased the lion-tiger hybrid at a terrifying speed, and in a second, reached its target.


The beast's body was shattered. It was unidentifiable after the shooting.

"This is just great. Magic Archery works wonders.

I didn't even have to break a sweat to take out my target which was at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm,"

Austin remarked, pleased with the result of his practice.

The mountains served as his training ground for another half a month.

One day, Austin caught sight of a beast at the medium stage of Emperor Realm some thirty miles away.

He aimed at his target, released his arrow, and hit the beast right in the head. An explosion ensued thereafter, and bloodstains on the ground became the only trace left of the beast's existence.

Indeed, Austin had become a master of Magic Archery. He could strike down a diabolic beast at the medium stage of Emperor Realm with a single shot.

Even those at the premium stage could be badly hurt with the first strike.

The Invincible Bow and the Magic Archery proved to be a formidable duo, and Austin had both of them.

"The Four-sect Joint Tournament is happening soon.

I think it's time for a comeback," he muttered with a determined smile.

Without warning or indication, he disappeared into thin air.

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