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   Chapter 1611 Ten-mountain Painting

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"I should try the power of the flames,"

Austin grinned.

He pointed at the bronze furnace in the sky.

The next moment the lid of the furnace had been removed.

Black fire appeared and started to move towards its target.

Soon it turned into a sea of fire.

It moved exceedingly fast. The bronze furnace then released a great power that restrained the Bitter Sea Realm masters.

They tried with all their might to escape, but the raging sea of fire soon engulfed them.

Painful screams resonated through the air.

The black fire was too powerful for the Bitter Sea Realm masters to handle.

"I will not let you go, you brat. Just wait!" a man in a devil mask howled.

He was at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

His body started to be consumed by the strong blaze.

"Do you still think that you could survive this?"

Austin asked playfully.


A painting suddenly appeared from the body of the man with a devil mask.

It then released a tremendous power that slightly shook the space.

There were ten vivid imposing mountains on the ink-and-wash picture.

A strong wind shook the drawing mid-air, and the ten mountains came out from it.

They surrounded the man in a devil mask

Then the black flames that engulfed him vanished completely.

Austin was stunned.

'The ten mountains on the painting are so powerful that they withstand the attack of the black fire.'

"Ten-mountain Painting!

You're the son of the Incept Sect's leader! You're Harrison Li.

Please help me. I'm from the Huang Family. Our family is friends with your sect," pleaded by a Bitter Sea Realm cultivator of the medium stage who had been busy defending himself.

He looked excited as he saw a glimpse of hope.

The man with a devil mask was relieved that his scroll warded off the attack of the black fire.

"Just wait, you brat. I'll make you pay for what you did to me," he said through his clenched teeth.

He turned around and started to leave.

Austin would never allow him to leave this place. He directed three kinds of Unearthly Fire into the bronze furnace in the sky.


hange a person's appearance. From now on, you need to wear it."

Elder Damian passed a human-skin mask to Austin.

Austin took the mask. When he put it on, he transformed into a fierce-looking young man.

"Master, this human-skin mask is amazing. It can even hide the real aura of your spiritual soul.

It works better than my illusion,"

Violet exclaimed excitedly.

"You can have a few thousand faces once you wear it.

It can also conceal the aura of your spiritual soul. No one will recognize you as long as you are wearing it,"

Elder Damian explained.

"Thank you, Elder Damian,"

Austin replied gratefully.

'This human-skin mask is a very precious magic treasure. I will cherish it.'

"I erased all the memories of the Shiny Sect disciples have about you. In that way, your identity will not be exposed.

From now on, your new identity will be Tony Liu,"

Elder Damian added.

Austin nodded in agreement.

"The Four-sect Joint Tournament will begin in a month.

After joining the contest, you can return to the base.

For the following days before that, just focus on your cultivation,"

Elder Damian said, as he turned and look at the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

After that, he left the mountain with Steward Noah.

Rahul and the other disciples also went back to their quarters.

Austin's house quieted down.

He entered his room and began cultivating.

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