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   Chapter 1610 Being Followed

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When the two great masters from the beast race had left, Austin planned to leave the place immediately.

Around him, many cultivators saw Roc King throw a Space Ring at Austin before he took his leave.

They surmised that that Roc King gave the ring to Austin as a gift.

It was tiny but they knew that it held many valuable items. Roc King was a well-known, great master in the East Mainland, so his gift was precious.

Any of Roc King's collections would be a priceless treasure to common cultivators.

The onlookers had been glaring at Austin and looking eagerly at his pocket before Austin left the place.

Austin also noticed the envy in their eyes.

He knew that if he didn't leave quickly, the greedy cultivators would block his way and steal his Space Ring, probably killing him also.

So, Austin avoided making eye contact with them and walked away as fast as he could.

About two hours later, he felt his spiritual sense tingling. He was alone which made it suspicious.

He looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows.

"I've got company," he murmured.

A couple kilometers behind him, a bunch of cultivators were quickly gaining on him.

As he watched, they drew closer at such a fast speed that it made him feel worried. He closed his eyes and focused.

In a matter of moments, his spiritual sense detected that his pursuers were at either the Emperor Realm or the Bitter Sea Realm.

Austin was glad that his spiritual sense was powerful enough to see them and determine their abilities. Now he had a fair chance at battling them.

'Shit! Looks like they have their eyes on my Space Ring.

Do I look that weak to them? I might be alone, but I am strong.'

A flame of anger shot up in him and his eyes narrowed.

Austin stopped walking and surveyed the area below him.

Most of the land was wooded but within the trees, there was a small, white-capped mountain. It would provide him with the perfect vantage point. Looking back one more time, he headed towards it.

He glided through the air and landed on the peak. Looking at his enemies, Austin suddenly burst into laughter.

"There's no need to hide. I'm right here. Come out and fight me if you dare," he said.

There were dozens of people trailing behind him—some of the invisible—and all of them were separate; however, they were all working towards the same goal.

He knew that they were skilled because they c

their blows. After all, they were at the Emperor Realm or Bitter Sea Realm and their target was only at the Semi-emperor Realm. They should be able to overpower him effortlessly.

They stopped and waited for the mountain to fall and take Austin with it.

A few of them advanced slightly, eager to reach the Space Ring first. Any moment, Austin would be dead.

However, to their surprise, Austin burst out laughing again.

"Go to hell, you thieves!" he yelled, clenching his hands into fists.

A black and bronze furnace flew out of his body.

As it launched into the sky, it grew until it was a few meters tall. There were holes in the lid and as everyone looked up at it, flames flew out of it.

All the cultivators stared at the furnace with their jaws dropped.

Power spread from the furnace and encapsulated it like a fireball. Several of the people screamed as it expanded.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the sounds settled, all the Emperor Realm cultivators had been turned into piles of blood and organs on the ground.

"Oh my god. Isn't this the Black Hell Fire Furnace owned by the Ji Family? How did this brat get it?"

"No, this is just a fake. But its power is still lethal. Run!"

The remaining Bitter Sea Realm cultivators all turned at the same time and began running. Some of them tripped and were left behind.

They tried to run away but they couldn't because the power unleashed by the bronze furnace made it difficult to move.

Boom! Boom!

Moments later, two of the cultivators who were at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm exploded and turned to blood and bones.

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