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   Chapter 1609 Don't Pick On Him

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"Yes, it was him who had saved me from the Ji Clan. Without him, I don't know where I would be now,"

the Peacock Princess answered as she threw Austin a grateful smile. Her eyes shone with much appreciation.

"Oh, I see,"

Boris uttered while slightly nodding his head after hearing her words. Then his eyes fell on Austin, too. It was as if he was waiting for Austin to do something.

Under the inspecting eyes of Boris, Austin had no choice but to come forward. He immediately went and gave a courteous greeting.

"I'm Austin Lin. It's a great honor to meet you here, Roc King," Austin greeted politely.

He knew that Boris was waiting for him to make a move to meet him, so he did. He instantly flew mid-air, saluting him in the distance.

"Pretty good! I admire your courage, young man," Boris commented.

He gave Austin an admiring look after uttering his praises.

Austin was just a young man with a low cultivation base. It was really courageous of him to come face to face with the Ji Clan—one of the three great families of the East Mainland.

"Humph! You are really a snipper-snapper. You are nothing but a low life," one of the senior reclusive elders of the Ji Clan sneered as he saw Austin's action.

His tone sounded rather cold and bitter.

Seeing this, the warriors who stood by to watch in excitement now gloated.

They considered what Austin did as a bold move. He dared to show up and talk to the Roc King in front of the two senior reclusive elders of the Ji Clan even though he had already offended their clan earlier.

He should have kept himself away from the Ji Clan's sight, but he didn't. Instead, what he was doing now was too daring. It would definitely provoke the clan even further.

It was obvious that the Ji Clan would never let go of the boy for what he did. Their power and forces were even beyond disputable. So, he might have a tough time when he stayed in the East Mainland.

The consequence of offending the Ji Clan would be beyond what he could bear.

"Hey, you two old men, listen to me," the Flood Dragon King suddenly spoke to the two elders.

"Don't let me know that any of your people bullies our Peacock Princess again, or you will face the wrath of the whole beast race in the East Mainland.

I swear,"

he warned coldly. His eyes looked threatening as he gave off a chilly aura when he spoke.

Hearing those words, the two senior reclusive elders got angry. Their faces contorted as they tried not to show the rage building up.

Even though they were unwilling to accept it, they knew that they had to. If they made enemies of all the beast race in the East Mainland, the outcome could be serious. They couldn't afford to risk it.

"Hmm! Well, you better behave yourselves too and stay away from us,"

one of the senior reclusive elders finally s

e, he considered himself very lucky.

Because of the Flood Dragon King, the Ji Clan would at least not dare to chase him openly in the future.

"Young man, take care of yourself.

Even though they're not gonna come after you in public, I'm afraid that they won't let you get away with it and they might try to deal with you by using their sly ways.

If one day you are secretly killed by Ji Clan somewhere, we have no way to hold them accountable.

We can only help you this far. You have to be alert from now on.

By the way, I have some treasures here that I used to get from the masters of the human race.

I will give them all to you as a thank-you gift for saving the Peacock Princess,"

the Roc King talked to Austin through his spiritual sense.

With a wave of his hand, a beam of light instantly flew out of his sleeve and stopped in front of Austin. It was a Space Ring.

Austin reached out to take it and held it in his hand.

"If you encounter any trouble in the future, you can come to me for help," the Roc King said to Austin, giving him a gentle smile.

Then, he waved his sleeve again. This time, a surge of demonic energy rolled out and it enveloped the Peacock Princess and other girls of the beast race.

In a blink of an eye, the Roc King had taken all of them and left.

The Flood Dragon King also gave Austin a slight smile before he disappeared from the scene.

The two great masters of the beast race both cast a friendly smile on Austin before they left. Anyone who witnessed it would think that they apparently favored the young man.

The bystanders could not help but feel envious and jealous of him. How they wish such good luck would fall on them, too!

There was no doubt that with the strong support from the two great masters, no one in the East Mainland would dare to offend him in the future. He indeed made a strong alliance.

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