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   Chapter 1608 Two Great Masters From The Beast Race

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7525

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Many bold cultivators rushed out of the Genuine Water City to where Roc King and two senior reclusive elders of the Ji Family were.

They dashed enthusiastically as it might be their last opportunity to see these legendary figures.

Twenty miles away from the Genuine Water City, three people effortlessly levitated in the sky.

The two elders were a few thousand meters away from the younger man as they floated in the air.

The two elders gave off a brilliant light as it released a massive imperious power. They held stern expressions on their faces. Anyone who laid eyes on them was in awe.

The light they emitted was too dazzling. It was so blinding that people couldn't see their faces. They failed to figure how they looked even with the help of their spiritual senses.

The two old men were the senior reclusive elders from the Ji Family. They were two of the greatest masters in the East Mainland. They mainly focused on cultivating in seclusion making their faces unknown to the public. They miraculously decided to appear today all because of Roc King.

Another person could be spotted a dozen miles away from the senior reclusive elders.

Clad in golden clothes, he had a tall stature and shining eyes. His golden, long hair cascaded down his shoulders, making him more wild and charming. He stood proudly as he stared at the two elders.

The cultivators knew very well that the golden-haired man was the legendary Roc King.

It was rumored that Roc King was a roc in nature and his strength was unfathomable.

Austin was among those cultivators who had come to witness the three great masters. He stood on the top of a big mountain with fixed eyes on the three big shots in the sky.

'They are the real masters.

They are famous for their incredible powers in the East Mainland, and most cultivators look up to them, ' he thought in thrill.

"Roc King, you have attacked so many of our young members who are definitely not within your league. I never knew you will stoop that low. You owe us an explanation," one of the senior reclusive elders accused unhurriedly.

His voice echoed throughout the sky.

Roc King laughed wildly.

"That's ridiculous. Enough making me the bad guy here. Do you think you're in a

e sight of Peacock Princess, Roc King smiled from ear to ear. He stepped forward, and reached her in an instant. "Here you are, sweetheart. I finally found you,"

he beamed.


greeted the girls behind Peacock Princess, bowing to Roc King.

"This is your Uncle Kyle," Roc King said to Peacock Princess, pointing at Flood Dragon King.

Peacock Princess went up to Flood Dragon King and greeted him with her maids.

"Is that the human boy who saved you?" Roc King asked Peacock Princess.

His eyes fell on Austin who was on the peak far away from them.

Austin disguised himself as a middle-aged man, and Violet had even changed the aura of his spiritual soul.

Unfortunately, Roc King saw through Austin's trick as he was extremely strong.

All of a sudden, the cultivators fixed their eyes on Austin.

With eyes full of spite, the two senior reclusive elders from the Ji Family shifted their eyes from Peacock Princess to him.

'I'm screwed this time. Violet's illusion can't fool the two senior reclusive elders from the Ji Family. They must have remembered my spiritual soul aura.

They probably seen how I truly look with the use of their spiritual senses.

Peacock Princess has two great masters with her, so she should be safe now. The people from the Ji Family can't do anything to her.

I'm not as lucky as she is. The two senior reclusive elders from the Ji Family can take me out in a heartbeat.'

Austin's heart palpitated fast as he thought of this.

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