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   Chapter 1607 Violet Had A Breakthrough

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To better scan the area around, Austin released his spiritual sense.

In a few moments, he found a huge mountain nearby where it was very quiet. There were many tall trees that almost reached the sky. The foliage was so dense that it covered the sky and gave a cool shade.

Finding just the kind of place he wanted, Austin started his bodily movement skill and moved in the direction of the huge mountain.

He found a very quiet valley around the mountain. But the serenity didn't last long.


The next moment, a huge demonic power, like a violent sea filled the whole valley. Violet's figure appeared in the valley at the same time.

The shocking demonic aura seemed to flow around Violet's body like tributaries of a great river. The demonic aura rushed in the space and made the whole valley quiver.

Austin sat on his feet in the valley and guarded Violet.

Inside the valley, the demonic aura was growing high to towering heights. It seemed to never stop. It roared and the whole valley seemed be overwhelmed with the powerful demonic aura. The power it contained was beyond one's imagination.

This was a remote place where not many cultivators would come. Some diabolic beasts and demon beasts that lived around were very weak. They had been frightened by the scene that Violet created when she was having a breakthrough. All of them had run away already.

Half a day passed off in this manner.

An extremely powerful demonic aura burst inside the valley.

At the entrance of the valley, Austin kept sitting quietly. On hearing the bursting sound, he opened his eyes.

It was a bit hazy and he saw an extremely beautiful figure walking towards him from the valley. As he looked closely he realized that it was Violet.

"Violet, you finally managed to have a breakthrough successfully!"

Austin looked at her with a joyful expression on his face.

At that moment, the demonic power which Violet was giving off, was really far stronger than before.

"Violet, how powerful you are now?"

Austin asked, anxious to know the progress Violet had made.

"Master, I'm ranked at the level of a demon emperor now. It's near to the power of the medium stage of Emperor Realm in your human cultivation system.

This time I actually awakened seventy percent of my blood power!"

Violet was very excited at her breakthrough.

"The medium stage of Emperor Realm!"

Austin was too shocked to say anything else for a few moments.

"I have realized that you and the gnome stayed at one level for a long time, but now both of you have had breakthr

ary-looking young man, who was stout, appeared in the Genuine Water City.

This ordinary-looking was Austin!

Inside the Genuine Water City, the cultivators were discussing about the Roc King everywhere.

The Roc King was really well-known among the members of the beast race of the East Mainland. He had a great power which was beyond anyone's imagination but had disappeared from the public for hundreds of years. Now, he was seen in the Dawning Kingdom due to the Peacock Princess. He had drawn the attention of all cultivators.

Austin walked around in the streets for a long time but he didn't obtain any useful clue.

A day ago, the Roc King appeared near the Genuine Water City suddenly and killed dozens of cultivators of the Ji Clan. After that he disappeared again.

No one knew his whereabouts anymore.

Austin walked around inside the Genuine Water City longer than a half day. Then he started to look for a hotel first.

Suddenly, a shocking news was heard that spread throughout the whole city in a few moments.

The Roc King was seen again and was sighted just near the Genuine Water City!

Actually the Roc King had hidden himself near the Genuine Water City. Unexpectedly, he was found by two reclusive elders of the Ji Clan.

Now the Roc King was confronted by the two reclusive elders of the Ji Clan.

As the news spread out, the whole Genuine Water City and all the cultivators were shocked.

The Roc King and the reclusive elders of the Ji Clan had only existed in the legends in the whole of the East Mainland. An ordinary cultivator wouldn't have had a chance in the least to see them in his whole life.

Now, unexpectedly they were all seen near the Genuine Water City.

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