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   Chapter 1606 Using The Bronze Furnace For The First Time (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5748

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As they witnessed everything before their very eyes, the two dozen disciples of the Flame Holy Land all gasped in surprise.

They all stared at Austin in great astonishment.

Over three hundred Mysterious Sect disciples including one in the Bitter Sea Realm and dozens in the Emperor Realm were all killed by him easily within seconds.

It was indeed hard to believe.

"Rahul, why did Elder Damian ask you to look for me?" asked Austin.

His fight was now over so he was able to get a chance to talk with Rahul properly.

"Do you remember the time when we were in the Dawning Mountains? Something happened soon after you've left," answered Rahul.

Austin looked at Rahul with creased forehead. He was ready to listen.

"A lot of people from the Ji Clan surged into the Dawning Mountains. They forced everyone that was there for trial to leave immediately. Even us also didn't have a choice but to leave," Rahul started explaining.

"Then two or three days ago, we saw a wanted poster for you and people from the Ji Clan were looking everywhere for you. We were worried sick so we quickly reported it to Elder Damian. He asked us to immediately look for you so that we can protect you."

Austin was once again touched by what Elder Damian and Rahul did.

They made him feel very important.

He was only an ordinary disciple in the Flame Holy Land while Elder Damian was one of the team leaders in the sect.

Because of that, he had never expected that Elder Damian would care about his safety.

This time, Austin felt the more intense sense of belonging in this sect.

"Thank you so much, Rahul. I've never expected Elder Damian to care about my safety this much," said Austin in a s

flew away without giving Rahul a chance to say anything.

'Alas, I can never understand what Austin has in his mind, ' thought Rahul inwardly.

Since Austin left so quickly, Rahul had no other choice. After all, he could also not force Austin to stay.

After a while, Rahul and the two dozen disciples also left the place. They went back to report to Elder Damian.

In the sky, Austin flashed towards the direction of the Genuine Water City.

All of a sudden, he heard a voice.

"Austin, find a quiet place for Violet. She is about to make a breakthrough."

It was the gnome who came into Austin's Soul Sea through his spiritual sense.

"Do you mean Violet has woken up?"

Austin was ecstatic when he thought that Violet had woken up. She had been sleeping since she had experienced the vital energy shower from the Breakthrough Platform in the Secret Valley.

Knowing that she had finally recovered her consciousness and was about to make a breakthrough made Austin feel glad.

He was actually curious about how much improvement would Violet get after her breakthrough this time.

He was looking forward to witnessing it.

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