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   Chapter 1605 Using The Bronze Furnace For The First Time (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5980

Updated: 2019-12-16 01:08

Austin's words attracted people's attention. Everyone turned their gazes on him.

"What the fuck! Is this bastard crazy?" shouted someone from the Mysterious Sect.

"He is merely in the Semi-emperor Realm. He really has the audacity to say those silly words in front of us?"

The man couldn't contain himself after hearing everything that Austin said.

"Humph! Let me try him. I want to see how he can survive my attacks!"

A man in the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm stood up and rushed towards Austin. He had a playful look on his face.

Then the great pressure of his vital energy force broke out. It surged towards Austin's direction.

Austin moved but he didn't try to dodge the attack. Instead, he gushed towards the man as well.


Austin waved his hand and around ninety million pounds of physical strength immediately came out. The fierce strength covered the whole place rapidly.

Austin was now as terrifying as a brutal beast.

"Go to hell!" shouted Austin while continuously punching.

His voice was so loud like a thunder.

The man from the Mysterious Sect was shocked when he felt the horrible physical strength coming out from Austin. Although he was in the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm, he was terrified so he immediately tried to move and escape.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Since he rushed towards Austin in a great speed, it was already difficult for him to slow down. He couldn't even change directions so he didn't have any choice but to meet with Austin's fist.


Austin's fist was strong enough to ruin everything. As soon as it hit the man, he was suddenly blown into a splatter of blood.

"What! Oh my god!" exclaimed one man. Everyone from the Mysterious Sect was extremely shocked.

They couldn't beli

than he imagined. He felt like there was a mountain pressing on his back and he couldn't handle it anymore.


As soon as the cultivator finished his words, he was also blown into pieces.

After all, he was just in the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm. He might be able to withstand the bronze furnace several seconds longer than the others, eventually he would still fail.

When all his enemies were finished, Austin waved one of his hands and the bronze furnace went back to his body.

It was actually his first time to use the bronze furnace against his enemies and he was pleased with the result.

He was not familiar with the bronze furnace because he had just gotten it from Marcus. He was so surprised that its power was much stronger than he expected.

He was even able to kill a cultivator in the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm easily with the bronze furnace.

Now he knew why the Ji Clan was so powerful. As one of the three greatest clans in the East Mainland, it was not surprising that the Ji Clan had numerous magic treasures which could help them kill their enemies. But they could also easily kill enemies whose cultivation bases were higher.

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