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   Chapter 1604 You Are Doomed!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8999

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Right at the moment, Austin stayed together with the girls of beast race in his City model.

Peacock Princess and the other girls were thrilled as Austin told them the latest news outside.

The moment they knew that Roc King was in the Dawning Kingdom, they became determined to go there for his help.

Roc King had been Peacock King's most loyal subordinate. Their fondness and good relationship would surely drive him to offer help to them.

On top of it, he was also a very powerful man. He was one of the best in the beast race besides Peacock King.

The princess would be much safer under his protection.

These thoughts flashed quickly in Austin's mind, so he nodded a few times as he made up his mind.

''All right, let's go find him as soon as I know where he is now!''

It was surely a good idea for Austin to find a stronger person to protect the princess since he could not protect Peacock Princess forever.

Knowing that the princess would finally be safe with a great master's company, Austin felt so relieved.

At the moment, in the City model, Austin sat with his legs crossed as a bronze furnace shot out from his body with his command.

It was Marcus' bronze furnace, but it now belonged to Austin after he took it away from Marcus.

After two days of exploring, Austin discovered the two great effects it could give.

One of them was that it could release a powerful pressure.

The bronze furnace's capability should not be underestimated. When its power was activated before, three strong women at the Bitter Sea Realm could barely resist it with so much effort!

From that, one could only imagine how powerful it was!

Its power was so undeniably strong that any common cultivator of the Bitter Sea Realm had no way to resist it at all.

The other feature it had was its amazing dominant control in powerful fire.

Keeping the fire inside, it had the ability to strengthen the fire's powers several dozen times. How formidable that would be!

Numerous mysterious ancient symbols were carved on its surface. Austin was surprised to find that they seemed to form some kind of patterns.

'Maybe these patterns are what made the furnace so powerful?' Austin speculated as it seemed an adequate explanation for the formidable power it contained.

Austin was so curious about these patterns, so he tried to use his spiritual sense to feel it. The moment his spiritual sense almost touched them, he was welcomed with a strong counterattack.

The attack almost damaged his spiritual soul, which meant that the power of these patterns was higher than he had suspected earlier. He could not even sense them at all.

And if he was stupid enough

with this first. The cultivators of the Mysterious Sect had already surrounded us.

We need to find our way out first!''

Rahul said hurriedly.

Austin quickly scanned the whole area after hearing Rahul's words.

There were more than three hundred cultivators that tightly surrounded them. Among those cultivators, Austin saw one at the Bitter Sea Realm while more than thirty cultivators were at the Emperor Realm.

It was truly a huge problem since they only had about twenty disciples around. They were completely outnumbered.

''Shit! You reckless, little ants! You are only courting your own death!''

The cultivator of the Bitter Sea Realm just gave a peek at Austin and abruptly turned his gaze away. He paid Austin no attention at all.

The vital energy force Austin released with his disguise showed that he was nothing more than a man of the Semi-emperor Realm.

For a strong cultivator like him, Austin's cultivation level appeared as weak as an ant. Why would he even care?

''Stop this nonsense, I already figure it all out. You guys are the allegedly talented disciples of Shiny Sect.

Ha-ha, once I kill all of you, the Shiny Sect will surely suffer a lot!''

The cultivator of the Bitter Sea Realm laughed loudly. Since he was the only one whose cultivation base had reached the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, he had the courage and guts to do anything he wanted.

''Don't be ridiculous. You are dreaming if you think you can hurt any disciples of our Shiny Sect here! There is no way!

You are doomed! Crap!"

Austin stepped forward fiercely as he responded in a loud voice. The disciples behind him felt at ease with his words. They knew that he was so powerful at the moment. He appeared like their solid shield that no one could pass through.

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