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   Chapter 1603 Roc King

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After refining the bronze furnace, Austin suddenly spotted a tiny black flame inside it. It was quite unnoticeable but Austin's keen eyes did not miss it.

'Is this the Black Hell Fire?'

Austin wondered, staring at the flame curiously.

He recalled the sea of black fire that came out from the bronze furnace. 'I can't believe this tiny flame is the source of the vast and deadly fire, ' he thought seriously.

He studied the furnace for some more time before putting it aside.

'This bronze furnace is extremely powerful. I'll figure out how to use it later. Perhaps it will become one of my trump cards, ' he wondered gladly.


A figure flew towards Austin from the distance. In a flash, the Peacock Princess appeared in front of him.

"He got away.

I didn't expect him to learn a secret skill which enables him to move incredibly fast. He activated that skill at the cost of his life vitality and shook me off!"

Peacock Princess said furiously.

Austin was also displeased to hear that Marcus had fled.

"We need to get out of here. I bet the people of the Ji Family will be here any moment,"

Peacock Princess said with a frown on her worried face.

"You have a good point. Let's go," Austin agreed and followed her advice.

'Once the members of the Ji Family come to know that the Peacock Princess was seen here, they will make it here soon, ' he thought.

Austin and the girls from the beast race left the place in a hurry.

Meanwhile, a beam of black light moved forward rapidly, a few hundred kilometers away from them.

It was Marcus who was enveloped by the light. To get rid of the Peacock Princess, who was following him, he had displayed a secret skill. The skill helped him increase his speed to great levels. He also paid a heavy price for his successful escape. He had to consume his life vitality to activate the skill.

As time elapsed, he became weaker and weaker.

Despite that, he forced himself to keep moving. A couple of hours later, he finally saw the city ahead of him.

"Skyline City!" Marcus murmured to himself.

His mind was set at ease as he saw the city. His uncle Albert was in that city.

As he lowered his defenses, he started to feel dizzy. Exhaustion came over him.

He had been seriously injured yet he had consumed much of his life vitality in order to free himself from the Peacock Princess' cha

rd on them.

The only thing people knew or spoke was that the other members of the beast race, who had been chased by the cultivators from the Ji Family, were hiding somewhere safely.

A day later, shocking news spread throughout the East Mainland.

A great master of the East Mainland—Roc King who was from the beast race made his appearance in the Dawning Kingdom. He put down several strong cultivators from the Ji Family including an elder in public.

Besides that, he slaughtered a great number of cultivators of the Ji Family.

The Roc King even showed up in the Skyline City, in a bid to take out Marcus.

But two elders from the Ji Family made it there in time. There was a fierce battle that followed with the Roc King. Somehow they managed to save Marcus from the great master.

Roc King's sudden appearance became a huge news in the East Mainland.

No one had ever seen him in the last few hundred years. And there had been rumors that he had perished.

But this time, he appeared in the Dawning Kingdom and proved all those rumors wrong.

All the cultivators knew why the Roc King suddenly turned up in the Dawning Kingdom. The reason was clear. He used to be the Peacock King's most trusted subordinate.

They guessed that the Roc King had come to the Dawning Kingdom to help the Peacock Princess against the Ji Family.

"It's Uncle Boris. He is here for me. What a great surprise!"

The Peacock Princess exclaimed cheerfully after Austin filled her in on the information he had collected about the arrival of the Roc King and the destruction he had done.

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