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   Chapter 1602 The Ownership Of The Bronze Furnace

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"Be careful, Austin!" The three beast race women stood as fierce protectors in front of Austin.

They got a tad too close to him that he could smell their fragrance – the kind that he believed could only be given off by beautiful women.

As mighty demonic power surged from their bodies to counter the pressure from the bronze furnace, Austin felt relieved. These three women were strong Bitter Sea Realm masters.

He unwittingly let his guard down and stared at the three women while he sniffed their fragrance. Though he was pleased with the experience, he also felt embarrassed.

"Hey, human," Cheryl, one of the three beast race women, winked at Austin.

"It's your lucky day, isn't it? You have three insanely beautiful women beside you who would protect you till death."

Meanwhile, the constant pressure from the three Unearthly Fire had caused the black sea of fire in the sky to gradually shrink into the bronze furnace.

"Ha! Your time has come!"

Peacock Princess glared at Marcus as she said these ominous words.


Then, with a blinding light, Peacock Princess unveiled her colorful feather.

Its allure could be deceiving, though, because underneath this colorful feather, was a violent demonic power!

True enough, a peacock's massive shadow suddenly appeared. It almost rendered the sky invisible.

Then, it pounced at Marcus, causing him to almost lose his balance due to immense fright!

Though he was frustrated that he couldn't wield his bronze furnace because of Austin, Marcus refused to show any sign of weakness.

Thus, he screamed at Peacock Princess, "Bring it on, bitch!"

Behind him, a black shadow of Asura with wings emerged in a snap and raised its huge hand to grab the colorful feather.

The colorful feather had a more outrageous response, fluttering and producing a monstrous force that rippled like waves.

It was too strong that the black Asura's hand got slit into pieces. The black Asura snarled and sped towards Peacock Princess.

Peacock Princess wasn't flustered at all, though. The next thing Marcus knew, the black Asura's head exploded and vanished.


The colorful feather had hit the black Asura in the head which led to its demise.

"Awesome!" Austin shouted. He couldn't hide his excitement and amazement.

The Peacock Princess' colorful feather was simply too powerful, like it could rip the whole world into shreds if it wanted to.

ht, with his panic off the charts.

Austin injected his spiritual sense into the furnace to look for Marcus' spiritual sense imprint. He intended to erase it so he could replace it with his own. This was the only way he could take ownership of the furnace.

Peacock Princess and the beast race women figured out what Austin wanted to do and prepared for another offensive attack.

"Rot in hell!"

She flew to Marcus as swift as a swallow. Her colorful feather slammed Marcus one more time.


Marcus cried out.

His suffering was too much; his heart wanted to stop beating. But he soldiered on.

"Bitch, I won't go easy on you next time. Brace yourself!"

Marcus let out one last threat to Peacock Princess before speeding off. He knew he would die there if he kept fighting.

"I won't let you get away!"

She talked back at Marcus and began chasing after him.

When Marcus left, Austin noticed that the bronze furnace quieted.

It floated in the air, motionless.

So, Austin kept looking for Marcus' spiritual sense imprint, and minutes later, he found it at last.

"Destroy it!" Austin commanded his Spiritual Pot.

Immediately, it hit Marcus' spiritual sense imprint with full force.

Moments later, he finally succeeded. The imprint was eradicated!

With no time to waste, he imprinted his own spiritual sense in the bronze furnace.

He felt relieved and elated thereafter as he unlocked a new milestone in his journey.

The large furnace had shrunk into the size of a tiny toy and flew right onto his hand.

'You're mine now!'

Austin smiled with immense satisfaction.

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