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   Chapter 1601 Suppression

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"Princess, please focus on your fight. I'll go and deal with the black flames,"

Austin said to Peacock Princess through his spiritual sense.

Confused, Peacock Princess stared at Austin in disbelief.

Although those black flames only contained a small amount of the Black Hell Fire essence, their power was still lethal.

Even though she had reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, she was scared of the black fire. It was hard for her to believe that Austin alone could handle the fire.

"Princess, I am not bragging. Please give me more credit," Austin continued as he saw the expression on her face.

He could see the doubt through her mind.

Because of Austin's persuasion, Peacock Princess slowly nodded her head in agreement even though she was still skeptical. Austin had gotten her and her maids out of the Dawning Mountains, which gave her more faith in him.

"Cut the crap, Marcus! I will not let you go," Peacock Princess exclaimed with a grave expression as she took a step forward.

Waves of demonic energy rushed out from her body. It rolled off like a black heavy mist.

In an instant, the demonic energy filled the space where she stood.

"Bitch! I will make you kneel before me soon," Marcus snorted sternly.

In a flash, he released a strong black vital energy that caused his hair to billow and his purple clothes to flap. Soon, darkness devoured his surroundings.

Marcus pointed at the black bronze furnace above his head.

Strong black fire gushed out like a waterfall from the furnace.

It swarmed towards Peacock Princess and her companions like a blazing river.

Rattled and terrified, Peacock Princess' maids hurriedly used their bodily movement skills to step back.

"Come over and get behind Mr. Lin,"

Peacock Princess instructed to the panicked girls immediately.

The girls were surprised to hear that at first. However, they still listened to what Peacock Princess said and went behind Austin instantly.

Endless sea of black fire rolled and covered the sky. It seemed like there was nothing but swaying black flames ready to attack them.

Seeing that the black fire was coming at them slowly, the girls from the beast race turned

ey were relatively powerful. That was why Peacock Princess let Austin go with them near the furnace.

"I'm on it,"

Austin finally agreed with a nod.

Under his control, the three kinds of Unearthly Fire transformed into seas of fire and dashed towards the bronze furnace. Austin followed the flames along with Peacock Princess' three maids.

The black fire was retreating to the bronze furnace due to the three kinds of Unearthly Fire.

Moments later, Austin and the three girls neared the black bronze furnace. Just as when they were about to reach it, Marcus spotted them.

"Humph! Now that you can't wait to die, I'll gladly fulfill your wish."

Marcus's face was sullen and livid. He was confident to take the Peacock Princess alone because he got the bronze furnace.

Even though the furnace was just a fake ultimate magical treasure, the power it owned was still terrifying.

The black fire coming from it could burn almost anything, which made the bronze furnace more powerful.

However, he had not expected that Austin held three kinds of Unearthly Fire.

Powerful as it was, the black fire couldn't suppress three kinds of Unearthly Fire at once.

"Go to hell!"

Marcus shouted maliciously.

He was so furious that this brat was threatening his furnace.

All of a sudden, the bronze furnace vibrated fiercely and made an earsplitting noise.

A formidable power came out of the furnace and rushed towards Austin and the three girls.

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