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   Chapter 1600 Playing With Fire (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5462

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The temperature became so high, tiny drops of water rising from the earth. Plants started to crumble with the heat, and they could feel the water draining out from their bodies.

People from the beast race looked around. Everything around them had dried up. The ground felt like sand, and it was going to crumble under their feet.

The blazing heat was so intense that even people far from the furnace started to sweat. They could feel their bodies heating up and could smell the hairs on their skin burning. They were being cooked, alive!

The female cultivators from the beast race started to panic. They were far from the furnace, but the heat still affected them. They looked around and asked each other if everyone was okay.

They could not imagine the heat if they were near the furnace.

"That's the ultimate magical treasure of Ji Clan. It is the Black Hell Fire Furnace!"

a female disciple from the beast race shouted. Her voice sounded hoarse because of the heat.

Austin wondered in his mind, 'What kind of magic treasure is ultimate magical treasure? I've never heard of such a thing.'

"It is not a real ultimate magical treasure. It's a clone!

If it were the real one, as soon as it appeared, we would have burned into ashes right away,"

the Peacock Princess explained as she shook her head in disbelief.

"Ha-Ha! Bitch! You are right! This is just an imitation.

But, even if it is just an imitation, it is strong enough to kill you bitch!"

Marcus' hair stood and was waving in the air like crazy, while the dark fire of vital energy force continued to burn around him. He fixed his eyes on th

of them to fight off an enemy. He never used its full potential.

He would also reserve it for a certain situation. That was... fighting someone who also had Unearthly Fire.

If he faced the attack of other fire, he would release the three kinds of Unearthly Fire to protect himself.

This was because Austin learned that fire of different kinds had the tendency to match each other's power and push each other away.

If faced with the other kinds of fire, his three kinds of Unearthly Fire could produce a force powerful enough to repel the other fire away from him.

'Ha-Ha! If Marcus used some other magic treasures, I might probably be scared.

But when it comes to playing with fire, I'm not afraid at all! Come on! Bring it on! I'm on fire!'

Austin thought about it carefully. 'The Black Hell Fire has immense power.

But Marcus' imitation only contained some essence of the Black Hell Fire. It's not the genuine one. The three kinds of Unearthly Fire in my body should be enough to deal with it!' Austin thought.

He smiled to himself, excited to play with fire.

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