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   Chapter 1598 Meeting Marcus Again

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The disciples sent by the Ji Family guarded all the passageways. They also set up checkpoints in all cities of Dawning Kingdom. They were really determined to track down Peacock Princess and take her alive.

Aside from this, the Ji Family also offered a generous reward to the public. Anyone who could catch Peacock Princess would be rewarded handsomely.

Other than the members of the beast race who were involved with Peacock Princess, many people noticed that the Ji Family was also looking for a young man.

They saw pictures of him posted everywhere around Dawning Kingdom.

People were actually wondering what the young man could have been done to the Ji Family to get himself into such grave trouble.

The young man in the picture was none other than Austin.

Austin helped Peacock Princess to successfully flee from the Dawning Mountains so the people of the Ji Family hated him.

As he was standing on the street, Austin was staring at one of his pictures hanging on the wall.

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

'The Ji Family is one of the three prominent families in the East Mainland. Now that I've messed up with them, I'm definitely in trouble, ' Austin mused.

'The disciples I met in the Dawning Mountains were just a small portion of the Ji Family. I'm sure they still have a lot of more powerful disciples.'

Austin couldn't help but feel worried. As one of the three prominent families in the East Mainland, the Ji Family was far more influential than he could imagine.

Therefore, it was absolutely a nightmare to make this family an enemy.

Suddenly, Austin remembered Marcus. When he heard that Marcus defeated Peacock Princess, he couldn't help but laugh.

'This must be Marcus' and that elder's doing. They asked their men to keep Marcus's failure a secret. Instead, they spread the news that he defeated Peacock Princess and hurt her badly, ' surmised Austin inwardly.

A few moments later, Austin spotted a lot of armed cultivators canvassing the city. All of them were wearing grave expressions on their faces.

Some of them even stopped passersby from time to time. Then they would take out Austin's picture and compare it to the passersby. They were anticipating to see Austin around the place.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin discovered that those cultivators had Peacock Princess's and his portraits in their possession.

Obviously, they were sent by the Ji Family to look for the two of them.

The Ji Family had extended its influence to many kingdoms of the East Mainland, including the Dawning Kingdom.

Since Austin already knew that the cultivators of the Ji Family were in search of him

be implicated.

People who heard Marcus' words held their breaths.

'Looks like Marcus is going to execute everyone connected to this young man.

What did this young man do to the Ji Family? Why would Marcus be so cruel to him?' they wondered.

They were aware that Marcus was dead serious.

Apart from the three holy lands, the other two prominent families and the major sects, the Ji Family was also capable of destroying any forces or organizations in the East Mainland.

""I'm on it, Mr. Ji," answered one cultivator immediately.

Austin was able to hear everything through his spiritual sense.

'Damn it! You're really a cold-blooded bastard, Marcus. You even want to eliminate everyone connected to me, ' thought Austin.

'Let's see how good you really are. Just don't give me a chance to get to you first. Or else, I will never let you go.'

Austin glowered at Marcus with blazing eyes. He was standing in a remote corner where no one could notice him.

He would never show mercy to those who wanted him dead.

Austin stayed to where he was hiding and watched Marcus and his crew's every move.

Half a day later, Austin noticed that Marcus was about to take his leave.

'So, he doesn't plan to stay long in the Genuine Water City, ' said Austin to himself silently. He was staring at Marcus' receding figure.

'That elder in black is not around and he doesn't have any cultivators with him. This is my chance, ' he suddenly thought in excitement.

A ferocious look flashed across his eyes.

'Fuck them all! The Ji Family had already caused me so much problems. It's my turn to teach them a lesson.'

Austin made a decision while watching Marcus moving fast towards the city gates.

He licked his lips and got ready for an assault.

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