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   Chapter 1597 A Little Flirting Does No Harm

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7999

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Austin and the gnome got rid of their pursuers slowly.

Most cultivators from the Ji Family had lost Austin and the gnome, and only a few could tail after them.

And they were masters of the Divine Bridge Realm. Relying on their powerful spiritual senses, they were able to locate their targets easily.

Austin and the gnome had been drawing energy from the space crystals in these last two days.

Each of them had used about five hundred space crystals.

Totally, the two of them had used more than a thousand space crystals to improve their spatial powers.

As a result, their spatial powers had been greatly enhanced.

Austin was able to travel a distance of five kilometers by exerting the Space Teleportation on his own and could stay in the void for nearly an hour.

On the other hand, the gnome was able to travel ten kilometers once he activated the Space Teleportation, and could hang around in the void for about two hours.

They had used the Space Teleportation to dodge their pursuers these two days. Fortunately it was also a way to hone their skills of using the spatial power.

Three days later, a big city at a little distance came into their view.

Austin and the gnome reached a quiet corner which was outside the city wall.

Then they sent themselves into the void.

Moments later, a lone person showed up in the corner of the street.

None of the cultivators who were around paid any attention to the quiet corner.

The person was none other than Austin.

The gnome had already entered his City model.

Austin had altered his looks with the help of the Appearance-transforming Clothes before coming in public view.

After that, he was able to wander in the streets without the fear of being identified or caught.

Soon he got to know that he was in the Genuine Water City.

It was a large and important city in the Dawning Kingdom. It also had a large population.

Austin found an inn and checked into a room.

Soon he was led to his room. Once he was alone in the room, he transported himself into the City model.

The Peacock Princess and her personal maids were on one of the streets of the City model.

Sitting cross-legged, they were engaged in their cultivation.

They had used up too much of their demonic energy while fighting the people from the Ji Family. It was going to take them some time to replenish their demonic e

napped at Austin for being so naive.

Austin quietly walked away to another place and started cultivating.

He was tired and feeling worn out, as he had been on the run in the past few days.

A day passed.

Austin transported himself out of the City model and landed in his room at the inn.

Soon, he heard news about the Ji Family.

The cultivators were talking about the battle between the Ji Family and the members from the beast race who were loyal to the Peacock King. According to them, lots of cultivators who had been sent by the Ji Family had entered the Dawning Mountains to hunt down the members of the beast race that once followed the Peacock King.

All the cultivators in the East Mainland knew about the grudge between the former chief of the Ji Family and the Peacock King.

Hence, the news about the Ji Family and the beast race which was on good terms with the Peacock King caught attention of the crowd. It had become the hot topic of discussion among the cultivators.

It was also said that Marcus—the son of the former chief of the Ji Family had a fierce fight with the Peacock King's daughter—the Peacock Princess in the Dawning Mountains.

The result was that Marcus won the battle, and the Peacock Princess had to flee. No one had ever seen her again since that day.

Besides, there was also news that the cultivators from the Ji Family had killed most of members of the beast race, and the remaining ones had run away.

The Ji Family had also arranged and sent across men to hunt down those members from the beast race who had survived the battle.

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