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   Chapter 1596 Harvest

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Austin and the gnome reached the void within several minutes.

They were expecting for a long trip and were quite surprised that it didn't take them that long to reach their destination.

The void was illuminated by the bright lights from numerous star-like crystals that were scattered throughout the area.

Each crystal was transparent; its shape was hexagonal, and the size was comparable to a fist.

Anyone could sense the power of space from the crystals.

"They are indeed space crystals! The space power in this type of space crystal was purely made of spatial power. It is very powerful because it is on its purest and strongest form.

The spatial power in spatio-temporal crystals is usually impure and scarce. They are usually contaminated by other elements in the mine. They are incomparable to the space crystals!

We have found a fortune!"

The gnome was excited. He then picked up a crystal and look at it thoroughly.

He looked at Austin. "What are you waiting for then? Come on! Let's collect the crystals!"

the gnome exclaimed.

Austin immediately made his move. He took the space crystals that floated in the void and put them in his Space Ring.

There were over a thousand of them that surrounded the whole void.

Austin and the gnome were so happy about their good fortune. They couldn't help but laugh aloud while they were collecting the crystals.

Suddenly, something caught Austin's attention.

"Wait a second. What are these? They seem to be different from the space crystals."

Austin was puzzled as he looked at the twenty crystals in front of him.

The group of crystals looked different compared to the other space crystals around them. Their color was dark blue, while the normal space crystals were of faint blue color. What surprised Austin was he couldn't feel any spatial power from these crystals.

The gnome walked towards Austin, then grabbed one crystal, and carefully scrutinized it.

Suddenly, his heart started to race, and his breathing turned heavy.

"Dude, you're super lucky.

These are space crystal cores.

These are a concentrated form of space crystals and more powerful than a normal space crystal. A piece of it c

ortation. It's a form of cultivation to enhance our practice of the spatial power!"

Each of them took out a piece of space crystal and simultaneously entered the void.

Austin and the gnome continuously traveled in and out of the void in the Dawning Mountains region.

They would take out the space crystals one after another and absorb the spatial power.

The Ji Clan's warriors tracked Austin and the gnome with the use of their spiritual sense.

However, the spiritual sense could not trace them every time they entered the void.

Ji Clan's warriors could only locate them once they were back to the real space.

As a result, Ji Clan's warriors had a hard time tracing them.

To avoid their chasers, Austin and the gnome would hide in the void for half an hour before coming out again.

Whenever they lost track of them, the warriors of the Ji Clan would spread out and search aimlessly.

As time passed, both Austin and the gnome assimilated more spatial power.

Absorbing the power of space crystals and practicing Space Teleportation turned out to be the perfect way of cultivating spatial power. However, it was also quite expensive since space crystals were so rare and invaluable.

After two days of countless experiences of Space Teleportation Austin and the gnome finally reached the boundary of the Dawning Mountains.

The land below wasn't mere mountains anymore. They saw an increasing number of villages, towns and even cities.

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