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   Chapter 1595 Space Crystal

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"I need you all to go inside my space magic treasure. My friend will perform the Space Teleportation skill. Then, we can take you and teleport all of you through space.

As long as your beast race masters can pin down and distract the enemies for a while, we might be able to escape,"

Austin explained to the others.

A dozen of the beast race women were staring intently at him as they listened to every word he just said. They were all dumbfounded at Austin's announcement. They turned around and looked at the Peacock Princess expectantly.

The Peacock Princess pondered for a while as if weighing their chances. "Let's give it a try."

She firmly agreed with a nod after carefully thinking about it. She also saw how the gnome performed the Space Teleportation skill.

"Thank you."

Peacock Princess looked at Austin with eyes filled with gratitude.

Austin gave a small nod to the princess before he asked the beast race women not to resist the transmission power of the City model. Then, he immediately started to perform the skills to transfer all of them, including Peacock Princess, into the City model.

Then, the gnome immediately took Austin and jumped into the crack of space.

The next moment, a black light rushed onto where Austin and the women stood just a moment ago.

The black light turned out to be the old man in black.

"Space Teleportation. It's Space Teleportation!" shouted the old man angrily.

His spiritual sense did not miss the scene that just happened. The old man snorted with contempt as his face turned gloomy.

Although his strength was unfathomable, he was totally ignorant of space power. He did not know anything about it.

"Wait and see. I will soon find out how far your Space Teleportation can carry you and cut all of your throats!"

The man muttered curses as he stomped his feet in fury. In his head, the surging spiritual sense rushed out and went far away into all directions.

As soon as he discovered Austin and the gnome, there was no doubt that he would immediately teleport there and kill them all brutally.

With his terrific strength, a distance of ten thousand meters would only be like a snap of fingers to him. He could travel there in just a blink.

However, even after a long while of searching for them with his spiritual sense, there was still no trace of Austin and the gnome.

"What is going on here? Is it that the Space Teleportation power of the beast is so powerful that it can reach a distance of more than ten thousand meters? How far did they go?"

the old man in black muttered anxiously. After he had thought carefully about it, he expanded the scope of his spiritual sense and searched for them once again.

He still had no clues of where they were.

On the other hand, Austin and the gnome were marching in the void.

There was nothing but chaos and oblivion around. Time and space changed continuously. The void could make a person feel misplaced and distorted as if falling in a bottomless abyss.

Only the warriors who cultivated the power of space could enter here and resist the influence of the chaos. Anyone who did not know

ce that contains impure time and space power that is abundant in the outside world.

As for the space crystal, it is only possible to form here in the chaos of the void.

Therefore, the space power contained in a space crystal is way more powerful than what the spatio-temporal crystals contained.

If those twinkling spots really are the space crystal, kid, you can use it to help you with your cultivation. Your space power will definitely advance by leaps and bounds," said the gnome seriously.

He could tell how confused Austin was, judging from the look on his face. He had to explain the basics a little bit, which annoyed him.

Upon hearing this, Austin suddenly went ecstatic. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go! It's the risk we have to take," said Austin.

The gnome hesitated at first, so Austin encouraged him. "Come on. You said it was a rare opportunity. We can't leave those space crystals behind. It's such a waste of good luck."

The gnome carefully thought for a while and then nodded. Austin was right; rare opportunities existed alongside challenges.

However, it was dangerous if they were going deeper. Five thousand meters were way too much for him to handle. They should just leave the void now.

Then, he looked at the vast space crystal mine in front of them again. Giving up in vain would make them regret this opportunity for the rest of their lives.

They would not even remember the place which made it impossible for them to come back again. He also knew that the void was constantly moving. The next time that they would come back, they wouldn't find this crystal mine anymore.

This was also the charm of the void. It was like they were gambling because it depended on pure luck.

"Alright, let's give it a shot!"

Hearing this, Austin cheered in his mind. He was thrilled that he had finally persuaded the gnome. The two of them readjusted their path and went to the direction where the light was.

Was it really a space crystal mine? Nobody knew, but the game was on.

Austin and the gnome carefully moved forward, inch by inch.

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