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   Chapter 1594 I Can Help You Get Out Of Here

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Because the cultivators from the Ji Family had to handle Austin and the gnome, they couldn't focus on attacking Peacock Princess' personal maids. The girls were relieved to see that.

One of the girls, who was responsible for protecting Austin, stared at the young man and the gnome. She was dumbfounded to see the two vanished into thin air from time to time.

'If we hadn't set up the high-grade space-blocking array, we wouldn't have been able to capture this young man and the puppy-looking demonic beast.

Good thing we did that, ' she thought, somehow relieved at the seemingly blessing in disguise.

At that moment, a figure headed towards the girls and Austin at an amazing speed in mid-air.

Austin gazed up to find that it was Peacock Princess.

"Run!" she commanded her maids.

As she waved her hand, the strong wind blew their enemies away.

She had finally come to their rescue after inflicting numerous injuries to Marcus.

The girls leaped into the air and hurriedly followed Peacock Princess.

"Come with us. The people of the Ji Family will not spare you," one of the girls who had promised to defend Austin shouted, looking back at him.

Peacock Princess cast Austin a friendly glance, hinting that it was okay for him to flee with them.

So without hesitation, he and the gnome followed the girls while fighting their way out.

Peacock Princess was an incredible cultivator, and her colorful feather––which used to be Peacock King's secret weapon––was very powerful. The cultivators from the Ji Family couldn't stop her when she used it.

Moreover, she had reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, and with the colorful feather, she could even fight Divine Bridge Realm masters.

Minutes later, without turning back, they had completely fled from the area.

"Come on! Go get them.

Don't let that bitch get away,"

Marcus howled, basking in sheer rage.

He initially thought that he could defeat Peacock Princess and rise to fame.

But because she was raised and trained by a great master of the beast race––her father, she was able to reach the Bitter Sea Realm. Eventually, she became one of the top cultivators among the young generation of the East Mainland.

On top of that, Marcus' father had lost to her father, Peacock King, and gotten seriously hurt.

If Marcus could prevail over Peacock Princess, he was convinced that he would become more famous in the whole East Mainland.

However, things started to unexpectedly go downhill when he lost the fight and eve

s capable of, she couldn't help but be frightened for the Peacock Princess's life.

'We are clearly not matched to his caliber. He can put us down with just a single blow.'

Suddenly, the maiden stopped on her tracks, intending to buy Peacock Princess some time.

"Run, my lady. We'll hold him off."

The other maids paused, too, and looked unitedly determined with their sacrifice.

"That's a bad idea. I can't leave you behind."

Peacock Princess stopped too, her face sternly serious, obviously not agreeing with the maidens' plan.

"You two run as fast as you can. You have nothing to do with this,"

Peacock Princess said to Austin and the gnome.

"My lady, please just go, or your life will be in peril. You're a distinguished princess, and we're just your servants,"

the girls implored, hoping to persuade their princess.

'What are they doing? If they don't run right now, they will die, ' Austin thought, feeling speechless at the girls before him.

But even so, he was touched by their sisterhood. They did love and care for each other.

'These girls have a golden heart.'

A warm sensation fluctuated in Austin's heart as an idea suddenly occurred to him.

"Girls, I can help you get out of here," he said with conviction.

'What is he saying?'

Austin's words left the girls, including Peacock Princess, stunned. They looked at him with a puzzled look on their faces.

Several of the girls who had reached the Bitter Sea Realm didn't even think they could get rid of Albert. What more for a young man with weaker cultivation?

'He is just a brat at the Semi-emperor Realm. Can he really help us shake off that elder?' they all wondered.

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