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   Chapter 1593 Dreadful Spatial Power (Part Two)

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The gnome was capable of hiding himself in the void for at least one hour.

And the gnome could take Austin into the void as well. In that case, Austin could get away from such great troubles by hiding in the void.

Austin felt relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

Though Austin was also able to teleport himself in the void, he could only cover about seven hundred meters.

And it was impossible for him to conduct Space Teleportation as fast and naturally as the gnome could.

Therefore, he didn't resort to his skill of Space Teleportation during the fight. He was afraid that in case he did it improperly, it would offer an opportunity to his enemies to attack him.

Austin realized how dreadful and useful the skill of Space Teleportation was after watching the gnome's use of the Space Teleportation skill to slaughter one of the Emperor Realm cultivators.

Moving fast, with the help of the Space Teleportation skill, one could disappear from one place and appear at another place all of a sudden. And the disturbance in the space caused by such a movement was extremely mild.

Only a very few cultivators were sensitive to such a disturbance in the space.

Suddenly, an idea struck Austin. 'Why not try the Space Teleportation skill while I'm in the middle of the fight? What would it be like if I combine the Space Teleportation skill with my killing skills?' thought Austin.

"Go to hell, you idiots! I did nothing to you and the force behind you. How could you be so desperate to kill me? If you want fun, I'll give you some fun by kicking your asses!" spoke Austin with clenched teeth.

He looked around to measure the strength of the cultivators around him. His eyes sparkled with the ruthless glint of murderous intent.

Austin was not always cruel to his enemies, but he never showed mercy to those who wanted to kill him.

He quickly swung his hands to initiate the spatial power.

Responding to the movement of his hands, a point in the space by his side began to fluctuate and it created ripples on the outside.

He slipped into the small opening in the space as soon as it appeared, and immediately disap

when he reached the place where Austin had been standing a moment ago.

"The bastard knows the tricks of spatial power as well!" shouted the cultivator.

Austin's use of spatial power left the Bitter Sea Realm cultivator startled. He was shocked and enraged.

Just after a couple of seconds, Austin appeared again, about several meters away. He swiftly jumped out of the opening in the space as soon as it emerged.

He looked around in search of a target for his next attack.

He aimed his attack at a cultivator who was at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm. With a swing of his fists at him, Austin was able to blow up the cultivator into ashes with a huge explosive sound.

The gnome too was busy in transferring himself in space and launching surprise attacks.

In a very short time, Austin and the gnome had slaughtered more than ten Emperor Realm cultivators together.

Austin had even killed three of them who were at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

In face of such a terrific defeat, the rest of the cultivators became alert and afraid. None of them dared to move without extreme caution. They launched their spiritual senses to check whether there was anything strange in the space around them.

Their hearts were in their throats. No one knew when the enemy—Austin or the gnome—would appear by his side and smash him into pieces. Everyone was terrified at what could happen in the next moment.

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