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   Chapter 1592 Dreadful Spatial Power (Part One)

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The earth shook as the sound of a huge explosion filled the air.

A violent vital energy force was suddenly launched by the cultivator whose hand had been blown up into pieces. It progressed like a raging storm and darted directly towards Austin with a strength which was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm

"You bastard! I'll burn you down to ashes!" roared the cultivator with rage.

He stared at Austin with a terrifying expression as his face twisted with extreme killing intent.

At this critical moment, the gnome appeared behind the cultivator unexpectedly. He had come without any prior signal or word.

The gnome swung his paws without delay and launched tremendous demonic power at the same time. With a swift movement of his paws, the flooding mighty demonic power was targeted directly at the back of the cultivator.

He was hit squarely in the middle of his back with a huge noise as the whole demonic power was aimed at him.

Though he was at the level of the medium stage of Emperor Realm, the cultivator was unable to withstand such an attack. He shrieked painfully and was immediately thrown out far away like a kite which flies once it is off the string. He neither moved nor moaned after he fell on the ground. No one knew whether he was alive or not.

There was no denying that the gnome's attack was extremely frightful. It was powerful but the manner in which he was able to hide in the void and launch the attack without warning, made it more fearsome.

The cultivator had never practiced any skills related to spatial power. So, there was no way he could sense the fluctuation in the space when the gnome suddenly emerged from the void.

He realized the threat of attack only when the gnome had come out from the void and was ready to attack. But it was already too late for the cultivator to do anything in his defense.

The gnome was swift in everything as speed was another thing he was good at. Thus, his attack was too fast for the warrior to ward off.

The gnome had his origin in the ancient times. Every ancient beast became extremely dreadful once it had grown and developed their power to full play.

In the true sense, the gnome hadn't yet started his formal practice that

ens were very powerful.

Seeing all the maidens trying their best to protect him, Austin was touched. He had hardly seen so many pretty girls fighting for him or protecting him like this.

The other fact was that he was dragged into this fight because of these beast race girls.

And all the beast race members knew fully well about that. So they were trying their best to protect him. Although they were beasts by nature, they were more reasonable than most humans.

"Damn it. Wipe out all the beast maidens first!" shouted one of the cultivators when he realized that the maidens would not let them get close to Austin.

He seemed extremely enraged by the conduct and attacks of the maidens, so he rushed towards them first.

Led by him, the other men left Austin and turned to attack the maidens one after another.

More and more cultivators started to join in the attack against the maidens. In a few moments, they were besieged by their enemies.

Although the maidens had formidable fighting abilities, they began to fall short in the face of so many men attacking them at the same time.

"What are you waiting for, Austin? Come with me and hide in the void for the moment. We'll return after all this is over!"

Austin suddenly heard the gnome speaking to him through his spiritual sense.

This suggestion delighted Austin to the extreme.

He was so deeply engaged in the fight that he didn't think of such an idea. Escape was not on his mind at that time.

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