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   Chapter 1591 You Left Me With No Choice

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The young man from the Ji Clan thought Austin was nothing but an easy target since he was just at the Semi-emperor Realm. With a hand wave, he unleashed a palm of vital energy that dashed towards Austin.

Austin tried to talk things out with the young man. "Why are you trying to kill me?

I have nothing to do with these girls and I have no issues with your family either!"

he exclaimed as he stepped back.

However, the young man, who was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm, merely laughed him off.

"So what? You're nobody. I can take your life as I wish and it wouldn't even be such a loss. If you're lucky and get reincarnated, be smart. Stay away from my family,"

the young man said, in a tone of arrogance possessed by people who thought they were more powerful because of their status.

Since the Ji Clan was one of the three most prominent clans in the East Mainland, its members suffered from a superiority complex. They didn't seem to think that terminating a young man at Semi-emperor Realm needed to involve an ounce of conscience.

In the world of cultivators, power was everything. The strong ruled and set the rules, while the weak had no choice but to bend and follow.

Austin never intended to encounter the cultivators this way. He knew it wasn't a good idea to make the influential Ji Clan an enemy.

Bracing himself for the palm that was about to hit his head, Austin got even more enraged.

'This young man has no intention of letting me leave this place alive, ' he thought.

"You leave me with no choice. Kill me? Try it! I won't show you any mercy even if you're part of the Ji Clan!" Austin yelled.

Never a coward, Austin meant every word he said. It wasn't as if he was hopeless with the powers he had.


He summoned the Spiritual Pot and directed it to his enemy's head. The Spiritual Pot broke into the latter's Soul Sea and swooped down into his soul.

The young cultivator who was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm turned pale in horror. That a young man at the Semi-emperor Realm stage could display such a powerful spiritual sense attack was beyond his expectation and imagination.

Flustered, he began gathering his spiritual sense to fend off the

'Oh, shit!' Austin blurt out in his mind.

With so many strong opponents in his midst, Austin had strengthened his resolve to go all-out.

He used the Mysterious Dragon Fist to throw punch after punch at his opponents.

Over eighty dragons came out from his fist one by one and surrounded him, like fierce protectors loyal to their master. With ferocious growls and undeniable power, the dragons pounced at the four Ji Clan cultivators.

Before they reached their targets, they exploded like multiple nuclear bombs.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Anyone could've had mistaken the violent tremors on the ground for a high-magnitude earthquake. But they were caused by the dragons' explosions.

The four cultivators trembled at what had just attacked them and helplessly stepped back.

Although Austin had just reached the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm, the quality of his vital energy was much better than that of cultivators on the same level. It was even denser and stronger than that of a cultivator who had reached the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

He had the Golden Sun Scripture to thank for that.

Thus, it was no wonder that the dragons he unleashed were exceedingly powerful.

The four Emperor Realm cultivators weren't left unscathed by the explosion. Their hair was burnt. Their clothes were ripped. Their skin was charred.

Worse, one of them lost a hand.

"Shit!" he screamed. "I'm not letting you get away with this!

You're done, bastard!"

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