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   Chapter 1590 Protect Them

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The fierce battle began as tremendous forces clashed in the field. The two old women of the beast race ganged up against the old man in black of the Ji Clan.

A giant bird was flying in the dark sky. It towered over the area like a big hill. With its pair of hideous and powerful claws, it seemed like it could tear the whole world apart.

At the same time, countless demonic beasts and diabolic beasts emerged out of the huge, gleaming beast bone and rushed towards the old man in black.

Meanwhile, a giant black skeleton with wings exuded a strong smell of corpse and furious aura. The stench of death and the aura it emitted lingered in the air.

Due to the clashing forces of the powerful warriors, the area violently shook as if it would collapse in the next moments.

Austin was truly impressed as he witnessed the fierce battle between those old people.

Austin's current power and skills were too limited compared to these strong masters. Their strength and abilities were far too great.

"Marcus, go and kill that Peacock Princess!"

The old man in black shouted as he pointed Marcus to the direction of the fleeing princess.

In the next moment, a purple light flashed towards the Peacock Princess.

"Stop him!" cried one of the old women of the beast race, as she watched Marcus galloped towards the princess.

In an instant, a huge colorful bird popped in front of Marcus and blocked his way.

The bird stretched its huge claws with surging power, prepared to tear Marcus apart.

"Fine," the old man in black snorted coldly.

At that moment, the rancid black skeleton flew and rushed over to the giant bird. As soon as it neared the bird, it released a strong punch that hit the giant bird.

The old man in black was so strong that the two old women of the beast race could only deal with him by fighting with their forces combined.

Marcus was rushing towards the Peacock Princess at the moment.

Marcus' father had been the former head of the Ji Clan. During the battle with the Peacock King, his father had been seriously injured and couldn't walk since then.

So, Marcus naturally wanted to take revenge on the Peacock Princess for his father's misery even though it was her father who was at fault.

"Let's go! Hurry! Protect the princess!" the maids shouted in panic.

They circled the Peacock Princess and kept her in the middle of them. Together, they escaped as fast as they could.

Marcus, who was hungry for vengeance, chased after them intently. He didn't let them out of his sight. He would not let anybody get in his way.

"Stop those demon girls!"

Marcus shouted at the void. His voice rang with so much ha

to make an apology. Her eyes shone with sincerity and a hint of guilt.

Austin smiled in return but couldn't feel relieved at all.

The beast race had just freed them. However, that didn't mean that he was finally safe because he got involved in bigger trouble now.

The important thing he must do now was to think of how to escape. He needed to think fast!

"Protect them. After all, we've caused them this trouble."

The Peacock Princess instructed while she was fighting with Marcus.

Her whole body was gleaming with bright colorful lights. At the same time, strong waves of power radiated from her body layer by layer.

The huge colorful feather in front of her also showed off tremendous power that hit the black prison violently. The prison abruptly shook because of it.

Based on the power they exhibited, the Peacock Princess' strength was not any weaker than that of Marcus.

Marcus' face turned glum as he watched the princess fight. He didn't expect that the Peacock Princess was so strong and almost matched him.

"Bitch, go to hell!"

A Bitter Sea Realm master of the Ji Clan attacked the girl from the beast race.

The girl saw him approaching and immediately prepared a counterattack. She waved her hand and took out a golden scissors shaped like a flood dragon.

With a loud crash, her scissors turned into a real golden flood dragon and circled vigorously in the air.

The next minute, it flew towards the Bitter Sea Realm master of the Ji Clan and attacked him.

Meanwhile, another fight was starting to brew in another area. "You bastard! You must be a traitor to humankind to hang out with the beast race.

You deserve to die!"

A young man at the medium stage of Emperor Realm suddenly came towards Austin and said with a sneer.

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