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   Chapter 1589 Limbo-summoning Skill

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Over a thousand members from the beast race were surrounded and cornered.

Even though they were a thousand, the people of the Ji Clan still outnumbered them. They charged towards the beast race from different directions.

In this fight, the beast race was at a great disadvantage with their number.

The two old women who stood beside Peacock Princess released an overwhelming demonic aura to hit anyone who was getting in their way.

A dozen maidens followed them closely.

These girls were those whom Austin had previously run into. They were bathing in the hot spring lake with Peacock Princess that day.

They were Peacock Princess's personal maids.

The tall maid with a mole took Austin and the gnome with her.

Since she had already reached the Bitter Sea Realm, it was not a challenge for her to keep an eye on both Austin and the gnome.

She had tied them up with two tight ropes formed by demonic aura to stop them from running away while they fought with their enemies.

Austin's and the gnome's energies were sealed, so they couldn't resist. They were too weak to fight back at the moment.

'Shit. How did this happen? This is a battle between the Ji Family and these beasts, how did I get involved in it?

Now I might get killed in their battle, ' Austin whined inwardly.

He came to realize how powerless he was at the moment. He was too weak compared to them.

'There are so many strong members of both parties. I might lose my life anytime in such a large and intense battle.

I might get hit by a strong cultivator or a member from the beast race accidentally.'

There was no way Austin and the gnome could escape because the rope restricted all their movements.

"Come on, guys, don't let Peacock Princess get away!"

The people from the Ji Clan ran towards the princess as soon as they heard it.

However, before they could come any nearer to Peacock Princess, many of them ended up exploding to a blood mist. They were hit by the powerful demonic aura released by the two old women who guarded Peacock Princess.

Austin was terrified as he watched how the two old women easily took out their enemies in just a snap. 'They are scary good, ' he thought.

Those cultivators of the Emperor Realm couldn't even go near ten miles around the Peacock Princess. Once


"Be careful!" shouted the old woman who had released the beast bone.

She knew the power of the secret skill that the elder in black had just displayed.

The moment she finished her words, two of Peacock Princess's personal maids were shattered to pieces. It all happened so fast!

"Boom! Boom!"

The Limbo-summoning Skill was incredibly powerful. Once they had let their attention slip, they would be crushed to powder by the mere scent of death.

Seeing her comrades turn to dust, the old woman from the beast race immediately infused her tremendous demonic energy into the huge beast bone in mid-air.

A horde of beasts got out of the beast's bone and growled fiercely. They surrounded the members of the beast race.

"My lady, I will get you out of here," the other old woman bellowed.

Colorful lights shot out from her body. As she made a move, she transformed into a giant bird. The bird was almost as big as a hill. With an ear-piercing scream, it tore the space apart using its claws.

Suddenly, a huge rip appeared from where the bird clawed. Streaks of brilliant sunlight shone again into the dark space through it.

The giant bird fluttered its wings that caused a strong wind. The wind blew hard and sent Peacock Princess and her maids six thousand meters away from where they had been.

"My lady, run! When you get out of the Dawning Mountains, go turn to Roc King for help. We'll hold them here,"

one of the old women shouted as soon as she saw Peacock Princess and the others land far from them.

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