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   Chapter 1588 Peacock Princess

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"Okay. Let's get out of the Dawning Mountains,"

the damsel in white agreed with a nod after hesitating for a while.

Soon after, the girl and everyone else who lived in the valley were done collecting their things.

They were about a thousand in number, pretty big for a population in a valley.

Secretly, they went through mountains in a bid to leave the Dawning Mountains.

Austin and the gnome could do nothing but follow them as they were captives.

"Brat, I have been observing them, and now I know who they are.

They are from the beast race,"

the Flame Emperor suddenly said in a serious tone.

"What? So they are diabolic beasts?"

Austin was caught by great surprise with that revelation.

'Turns out I met a group of diabolic beasts.'

"Technically speaking, these beasts are much superior to common diabolic beasts.

The latter are not really qualified to be called beast race.

Only those powerful diabolic beasts, which can turn into their human forms, can be part of the beast race.

The offspring of incredible beasts can also be considered as this kind of beast, because they have been in their human shapes since they were born.

If you think deep, that's how the powerful beast race comes into being,"

the Flame Emperor explained, his tone still rigid, hinting that what he said could be dangerous.

"I see. So these beasts are different from normal diabolic beasts.

But still, they evolved from diabolic beasts,"

Austin responded as he finally understood what the Flame Emperor was saying.

"I was wondering if the Ji Clan these beasts mentioned is one of the three prominent clans in the East Mainland.

If it is, then you might be in trouble too.

You see, with the way these beasts talked about the Ji Clan, it sounded as if they have a feud,"

the Flame Emperor uttered worriedly.

"The Ji Clan is one of the three prominent clans?"

Austin repeated, his eyes narrowed as he thought deeply about it.

'Like the three holy lands, the three prominent clans are mighty and exceptional forces in the East Mainland. No one would dare to piss off the members of these clans.

They are disc


"You're making that up.

The battle between my father and your chief was fair and square.

My father didn't use any dirty tricks!

Your chief, on the other hand, is the cunning one! He asked a dozen sidekicks to sneak up on my father's back, attacking him when he had his guard down!

Had my father known that, he wouldn't have been injured severely. Your chief is no match for him!

Even after a relentless battle, my father was able to defeat strong enemies and inflicted numerous injuries to your chief.

But now you're framing him! It turns out you people from the Ji Clan are a bunch of shameless liars,"

the maiden in white snapped coldly with her arched eyebrows.

"What an eloquent girl. Stop talking nonsense. Today is the day you'll meet death."

The elder in black from the Ji Clan had a sinister gleam in his eyes as he put on a livid face.

"Kill all of them,"

he instructed his men in a nonchalant tone.

Immediately, cultivators of the Jing Clan dashed towards the members from the beast race while launching powerful attacks.

"Keep our lady safe!

Fight our way out!"

the old woman shouted, determined.

The members from the beast race released their demonic energy to fight back.

"My lady, we'll escort you out!"

Two old women and a dozen beautiful maidens appeared beside Peacock Princess. They moved towards the direction where there were only a few members of the Ji Clan.

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