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   Chapter 1587 Being Bound

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"Tell us. Who are you, young man? Why did you break into the peach grove?" a graceful girl asked while she pushed back her dripping wet black hair.

The girl looked at Austin with a faint smile on her face. When Austin met her gaze, he felt like it was a breath of fresh air.

"It's a complete misunderstanding. My friend and I accidentally break into this place.

If I knew you were here, I would never dare to barge in.

I am very sorry for intruding. Please let me introduce myself. I am an outer disciple of the Shiny Sect in the Dawning Kingdom. And I came to the Dawning Mountains to have a trial."

Austin noticed that the girls seemed to be good-natured, so he took the courage to defend his action.

"Oh, so an outer disciple of the Shiny Sect could pass through space, despite our Illusion Array, and still break into the peach grove?"

The girl paused in disbelief.

"I am telling the truth. I did not mean to intrude. I can prove to you my identity. Here, this is my badge."

Austin took a jade badge from his waist and tossed it to the girl.

"Yes, it's the badge of a sect, but there's no way for me to know if it is yours. Who knows, you might have stolen it from someone else.

It doesn't identify you," the girl uttered lightly.

She didn't even bother to reach for the jade badge. She just shook her long sleeve and released a wave of soft power and then threw the badge back into Austin's hand.

"What do you want us to do for you to believe us?" Austin asked helplessly.

He couldn't help but frown at the absurdity of the situation.

"What shall we do with them?"

The girl did not answer. She instead turned to ask another girl who was wearing a white dress.

The girl in a white dress was like a goddess. Her beauty stood out from the group.

Her soft features were far more delicate than Austin's two fiancees and Caroline.

She had an outstanding unique appearance. Her skin was smooth and clear; her figure was graceful and slender; and her watery eyes were captivating.

Her long black hair that danced with the wind was in sharp contrast to her white flowing dress. At first glance she looked like a fairy that descended from the moon.

When Austin noticed her, he couldn't help but admire her ethereal beauty.

"Now that the Ji Family is after us in the Dawning Mountains.

We must be careful. Whether they are from the Ji Family or not, we should not take any risk.

Let's get them under control.

We'll deal with them once we find out their real identity," said the girl in white.

Her voice was very magnetic and swee

We met them on the road. I'm afraid they're from the Ji Family.

We need to keep them under control for insurance, and then we will investigate later.

If they have nothing to do with the Ji Family, we will release them,"

said the girl in white in her clear and sweet voice.

"Humph, in my opinion, just kill them.

They will just get us into trouble,"

The old woman smiled darkly, while she watched Austin and the gnome maliciously.

Austin was dumbfounded with the old woman's words. He gave her a cold stare and cursed her under his breath.

"Well, do as I said.

the girl in white said commandingly.

"Since it is your decision, my lady, I will do it."

The old woman bowed slightly but continued to look at Austin and the gnome in a hostile and sinister manner.

"My lady, a large number of people from the Ji Family have entered the Dawning Mountains. Obviously, they're not going to let us off the hook.

According to my sources, a genius of the Ji Family was the one who led the group to the Dawning Mountains.

He is an extraordinary person. He had been carefully cultivated by the Ji Family all these years. He is just eighteen years old, but he has already broken through to the Bitter Sea Realm. We need to be very careful.

This time, he's targetting you, my lady. He wants to make a name for himself in the East Mainland by defeating you.

We will not be able to win this fight once they use their real power against us this time. In my opinion, we should leave the Dawning Mountains immediately and hide somewhere else for the time being. Once things calm down, we can come back again.

As the saying goes, where there is life, there is hope,"

suggested the other old woman.

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