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   Chapter 1586 Beautiful Peach Trees

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Austin and the gnome were fascinated by the falling pink peach blossoms in front of them.

Deep inside the peach trees was a hot spring. It was a clear, azure lake with the steam rising from the surface. From afar, it looked like a beautiful crystal gem.

The lake was surrounded by countless old peach trees, and a pile of colorful dresses could be seen by the lake.

Peach blossoms danced in the air and ever so delicately landed on the surface of the lake. The surface of it was covered by the pink petals making it look pink.

The fragrance of peach blossoms along with the scent of maidens' bodies wafted through the woods. It was intoxicating and one could easily get drunk on this smell.

This place was like a fairyland tucked away neatly from the ugly, violent world outside.

A dozen of ravishing damsels were bathing in the lake. Their black, smooth and long hair was floating on the surface of the water as they crossed their fair arms over their chests. They held a rattled yet annoyed expression on their faces. Compared to the falling petals, they were naturally more eye-catching with their perfectly etched bodies.

The girls fixed their gazes at Austin and the gnome.

"Oh, no, there is a powerful illusion array in the peach grove.

That's why we failed to detect these girls with the use of our spiritual senses.

Besides, this array cannot block the space.

So we broke in here through the Space Teleportation.

Now we're in grave trouble I am sure,"

the gnome said with a bitter and nervous smile.

But Austin could not take away his gaze from the stunning girls bathing in the lake not far away.

As the lake rippled, he could see their alluring figures under the water. They were seductresses slithering in the water.

"This is bad."

Embarrassed, Austin flashed the girls an apologetic smile as if he didn't want this to happen.

"Damn it, this is all your fault. Why did you bring me to a place where the girls are bathing?"

Austin complained, nagging.

"Seriously? Are you blaming me for whatever happened?

Brat, so now that you feel sorry about whatever happened, why are you still staring at them shamelessly? Your eyes are sparkling with desire. You're a coward,"

the gnome shot

stin could barely protect himself from getting killed if his opponent was an Emperor Realm of the premium stage.

And here he didn't even stand a chance against a Bitter Sea Realm master on his own.

Even though the new Spiritual Pot was powerful, he could only use it to buy him some time to make an escape if he wanted to confront a Bitter Sea Realm master of the preliminary stage. It would in no way assure his safety.

It was impossible for him to prevail over the Bitter Sea Realm masters of the preliminary stage with the Spiritual Pot.

Austin pretended to cough to break the awkward atmosphere of nervousness and confusion. "I'm sorry, fairies, I ran into this place by accident. I didn't mean to offend you this way or violate your privacy in any way,"

he apologized sincerely.

Considering these girls were amazingly powerful and mysterious, Austin had no intention of pissing them off. Hence, he made an apology before any more ruckus took place.

The girls were pleasantly amused by Austin's remarks. "You seem like a cute guy. What makes you think we are fairies?"

one of them said and chuckled teasingly.

Since they were just done bathing, their cheeks were rosy now. With the beaming smile on their faces, Austin almost forgot all about his dangers.

To his relief, the girls didn't show any resentment. It seemed like they were not going to kill him.

Instead, they studied him with interest as if they had found some interesting toy, something otherworldly.

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