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   Chapter 1585 The Gnome's Breakthrough (Part Two)

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This was truly unimaginable!

"Don't envy me, young man," said the gnome, chuckling in amusement at the look on Austin's face. "I'm sure you know very well that the ancient beast's practice system is different from that of your human warriors.

There is much for us to do before we start the practice in real sense. First of all, we must awaken the blood power in us left by our ancestor in the ancient times, otherwise everything we do will be fruitless.

Most of the time, we're slow in getting breakthroughs compared to your human warriors. But once we achieve them, our progress is unimaginable, and our power grows by several times. This is a normal situation for us.

The same applies to Violet.

She's been dormant for a long time now. I have a premonition that her power will grow dramatically once she achieves her breakthrough this time.

She has never slept for such a long time before."

The gnome's tone was confident as he spoke.

"I have the same feeling as well," agreed Austin, nodding his head. "Violet has been slumbering for quite a long time. I've never seen her like this before. So you mean it's a good sign of the boost of her power? That's a really good news to hear. I have no idea when she'll wake up, but I hope she soon will."

Neither of them could truly say when Violet would achieve her breakthrough.

"Anyway..." said the gnome now, changing the topic. "In addition to the growth of my demonic power, my ability to use spatial power has intensified to a large extent as well."

He was clearly excited as he spoke, a bit childish yet completely sincere.

"Really?" exclaimed Austin. "How did you know that?"

His eyes widened once again, the gnome's words coming as a surprise to him. Just how much stronger had the gnome become after his breakthrough?

"I estimate that if I were to do it right now, I'd abl

and meters.

Their shadows appeared and disappeared like two spots in the sky above the numerous mountains from time to time as they flew further and further away.

In the past, having conducted space teleportation over ten times would've exhausted the gnome already, as it would have meant that a great amount of spatial power would have been consumed per use.

This time, however, he felt nothing despite having already carried out over twenty space teleportation missions with Austin and not taking any breaks in between.

Finally, the gnome finished over thirty space teleportation missions in total.

They finally stopped and landed at an empty plot in a peach wood.

The place was huge, surrounded with a vast number of peach flowers in full bloom. Everywhere on the mountain was full of peach trees, each of them shrouded in a pink canopy of flowers. From a distance, it looked as though the whole mountain was coated with a thin pink gauze. The sweet fragrance of the flowers also intoxicated everything within its range.

"Is there anybody there? Who's that?

How dare you perverts peep in while we're bathing!"

All of a sudden, Austin and the gnome heard the tender voice of a girl from deep within the peach wood.

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