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   Chapter 1583 The Spatio-temporal Crystal

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Earlier, the soul of the egg's mother, an infinity beast in the Nonuple Isles, had asked Austin to take this egg with him. She told him to look for some precious natural resources of special attributes so that the grey egg could be incubated.

Austin had taken the grey egg with him at that time, but he hadn't seen anything that was needed by the egg.

Now the egg seemed to have reactions and it started to give him a message and show an emotion of desire and need. Was it possible that there was something in this area that it needed?

Austin contemplated for a while.

Suddenly, he stopped flying forward.

"Rahul, something has just come up. I don't think I can go any further with you now,"

Austin said to Rahul through his spiritual sense.

Rahul had not expected it. But then he realized that Austin had many secrets

He also knew it would be in vain, so he didn't ask Austin what he wanted to do.

"All right, Austin. Being strong enough, you will not have any trouble even if you go by yourself. Just be extremely cautious.

If you encounter something and need help, send a message to me by the Contact Jade Slip. We'll try to reach you in time!"

Rahul said.

"I hope there will be no problem. Don't worry about me!"

Austin agreed, nodding his head.

So, Rahul and the other disciples went on towards the distant place they were supposed to reach.

Austin moved his body and fell on the land below him.

He ended up landing on a mountain which had trees with thick branches.

A moment ago, the grey egg had showed him this direction.

"What valuable resources does the grey egg need?"

Austin walked around on the mountain and murmured.

The area was covered with really lush plants and colorful flowers. Everything seemed to be bright and bustling with life.

While Austin kept walking in the valley, the grey egg started to become joyful. Its happy state was radiated around which could be felt by Austin.

"Well, is this the place?"

Suddenly he stopped walking in the valley. The grey egg had given him a signal.

Looking around, Austin didn't find anything special.

Austin became thoughtful for some time. Then he raised his right leg and gave off his physical strength, stamping on the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground started to shake vigorously, with dust flying in all direction like a fog had covered the area. Instantly there was a crack that formed in the land. It seemed to be bottomless and smaller cracks started spreading out. It was like the spider's net.

Having great physical strength, Austin could break the mountains just by his bare hand and foot.

Once the shaking of the earth stopped, Austin jumped into the crack and went down in it.

After more than one hundred meters, he la


Austin heard a slight sound as if the shell of the egg cracked.

He turned his gaze at the grey egg. He was right! There was really a crack on the surface of the grey egg.

It took him a moment to understand it. But it didn't stop there.

Another sound was heard and the second crack appeared.

This kept happening for another half an hour.

Austin had collected more than one thousand spatio-temporal crystals. From nearly half of them, which were probably five hundred spatio-temporal crystals, the energy had been absorbed. Once the energy was absorbed, the crystals became powder.

Now there were only about five hundred spatio-temporal crystals left on the ground.

Finally, the grey egg stopped absorbing the energy.

The egg remained unchanged then. It seemed like it had gone to sleep again.

There were more than a dozen cracks on the shell of the grey egg.

Austin guessed that the amount of energy that the grey egg could absorb at a time was limited. As it had reached its limit, it could not absorb anymore this time.

He slowly picked up the grey egg and put it away.

He was going to hide the remaining five hundred spatio-temporal crystals that were left.

That was when Austin heard the gnome's voice through spiritual sense in his Soul Sea.

"Give me some spatio-temporal crystals.

I was feeling like I could have a breakthrough soon, but I couldn't do it at all.

Maybe these spatio-temporal crystals will help me to breakthrough to the next realm,"

the gnome said with hope in his voice.

Austin had not expected it.

In recent times, the gnome had been cultivating himself in seclusion and didn't communicate with Austin at all.

He had not expected that the gnome would want some spatio-temporal crystals. Neither did he think that the gnome would ask for them for his breakthrough.

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