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   Chapter 1582 The Excited Grey Egg

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Over thirty dragons growled ferociously and pounced on the disciples of the Mysterious Sect.

Their shadows cast on the ground as they covered the sky and blocked the sunlight. It was such a terrifying sight.

Everyone was taken aback by the current situation.

"Oh my god! Austin was able to create more than thirty dragons from his vital energy. Is this a dream?"

Almost all of the disciples in the base knew the Mysterious Dragon Fist. They were also aware of its power.

So upon seeing Austin create over thirty vital energy dragons, they were shaken up. They found it difficult to believe what their eyes had just seen.

The disciples of the Mysterious Sect exerted their martial skills to withstand the attacks of the dragons. They couldn't just let those dragons take their lives easily.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A deafening sound resounded all over the place.

The dragons exploded simultaneously and it created an aggressive blast.

Since they didn't expect it to happen, the disciples of the Mysterious Sect were not able to defend themselves. As a result, seven of them were hit by the shock waves.

These disciples were at Semi-emperor Realm.

But just in a flash, they were torn apart and their body parts scattered everywhere.

The technique Austin used was Dragon Blast Fist, one of the eight moves in the Mysterious Dragon Fist.

In this move, the dragons created by the vital energy would dash towards the enemies and explode in front of them to hurt or kill them.

Unfortunately, the disciples of the Mysterious Sect didn't have enough time to run away and save their lives.

What had happened left everyone in utter shock.

'What the heck is going on? He killed seven Semi-emperor Realm cultivators with just one blow. Three of those cultivators were even at the premium stage. He is way too strong.'

Everyone present in the place including the disciples of the Flame Holy Land stared at Austin with mouth agape.

Fear was also evident in their eyes.

Who could ever believe that Austin possessed such kind of power?

A few moments later, the rest of the disciples of the Mysterious Sect recovered from their shock. Suddenly, they went ballistic.

"You fucking bastard! I'm going to kill you," bellowed one of them. He was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm.

He moved exceedingly fast so in an instant, he was already in front of Austin.

As he stretched out his hand, a palm made of vital energy appeared. It soared into the sky and stopped above Austin's head. Then it grew larger and larger until it covered the sky where Austin was standing.

Flashes of light came out of his palm like twinkling stars.

Out of the blue, the beams of light turned into huge meteors and approached Austin.

Apparently, this man at t

ou don't have to worry anymore. We will be helping you in your every fight," assured Rahul.

"Let's go! If ever we meet the disciples of the other three major sects, kill them all!"

Rahul gave a fierce instruction to the Flame Holy Land disciples.

With a wave of his hand, they all went together.

Every time they encountered diabolic beasts on their way, they would avoid them.

On the other hand, if they met the disciples of the three major sects, they would pull out all the stops to eliminate them.

The other three major sects in the Dawning Kingdom which could be on par with the Shiny Sect were fourth-class sects in the East Mainland. Hence, the disciples from these three sects were not exceedingly powerful.

Rahul and the other twenty or so disciples from the Flame Holy Land could handle them easily.

Eventually, they had annihilated groups of disciples from the other three major sects.

Among the fourth-class sects of the East Mainland, those who were at the Semi-emperor Realm were outer disciples while those who were at the Emperor Realm were qualified to be inner disciples.

The disciples who had entered the Bitter Sea Realm were principal disciples.

Generally speaking, there were only several principal disciples of the Biter Sea Realm in the fourth-class sects, at most.

Two days had passed.

A group of people were pursuing the disciples of the other three major sects in the Dawning Kingdom.

Austin was behind them.

All of a sudden, Austin looked surprised.

He sensed that the egg of the infinity beast was vibrating slightly.

The egg had been quiet since it followed Austin out of the Nonuple Isles.

But now it kept on vibrating as if sending Austin a message.

Austin felt that the egg was excited. It was like it found something really delicious and it was badly craving for it.

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