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   Chapter 1581 Recasting The Spiritual Pot

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Austin was doing the method recorded on the Omnipotent Pot. So he controlled the Spiritual Pot with his mind and let it hit onto the wall of the Omnipotent Pot repeatedly.

He had it hit three to four times. Then the Spiritual Pot crashed into pieces with great noise.

In an instant, Austin started the process of recasting it.

First, he used the power of spiritual sense to fuse those dark yellow omnipotent gas.

After one day's trial, Austin managed to fuse more omnipotent gas than he had done last time. The omnipotent gas ball was now about half the size of a walnut.

The omnipotent gas ball fused by Austin last time was only as big as a soybean.

Then Austin began to cast the Spiritual Pot over and over again.

Because of his prior experience, Austin performed much faster this time.

Eight hours had passed.

Then a new Spiritual Pot came into being.

Its size was only equal to half a walnut.

But the power waves it spread was ancient, strong and magnificent. It was unique and stunning.

'To have the help of the Flame Emperor is the best thing to do now. It will help me to evaluate the power of this new Spiritual Pot, ' Austin thought.

Then Austin released the Spiritual Pot out of his Soul Sea and it revolved around his head slowly.

"Flame Emperor, please help me. I need you to evaluate the power of the newly cast Spiritual Pot,"

Austin said to the Flame Emperor asking for help.

The Flame Emperor nodded and released his own spiritual sense. Then he sensed the power of the Spiritual Pot, which was revolving around Austin's head.

"How did you do that? How did you cast such a thing?

As far as I know, with this Spiritual Pot, you have the ability to fight with the cultivator at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm!

When you use the Spiritual Pot, you may win the fight with Howard from Vasteras Holy Land,"

exclaimed the Flame Emperor.

Austin smiled happily when he heard the Flame Emperor's comments.

In fact, with the new Spiritual Pot, Austin could challenge those who were at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

At the moment, Austin felt something via his spiritual sense.

Dozens of figures flew from afar and landed in the courtyard outside Austin's room.

It was Rahul who led the team.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cultivators were disciples from the base who were at the Emperor Realm.


Austin called him, and appeared in front of him all at once.

For a while now, the noises of the clothes rubbing against the air sounded in the mountain. Those disciples at the Semi-emperor Realm from the base also came and landed in Austin's courtyard one by one. Rahul must have informed them to come there.

"Austin, I have heard something about you. It is said that a killer from the Slaughtering Sect attempted to assassinate you, but you have killed him instead! Is that true?"

Rahul asked as he


Rahul was infuriated. He flew to the side of the Shiny Sect without any hesitation.

He recognized that more than a hundred disciples were all from the Mysterious Sect.

The Mysterious Sect was one of the four big sects in the Dawning Kingdom. It was as strong and powerful as the Shiny Sect.

"Finally! Rahul!

It is you!

It has been two years since I last saw you at the Dawning Kingdom.

I heard that you went to a secret base hidden in the backyard of the Shiny Sect and was trained as a key candidate.

Let me see what you got!"

Among the disciples of the Mysterious Sect, a young man with bright eyes and handsome face went at Rahul after uttering those words.

"Alright, Mr. Locker Yang. Show me your strength!"

Rahul sneered in a cold manner.

It was easy to tell that Rahul was quite familiar with this young cultivator and the relationship between them seemed quite intense.

All of a sudden, Rahul and Locker Yang got close to each other and started to fight.

Austin and the rest team members also joined the battle between the two sects.

"It seems like you are chasing death! You are a son of a bitch from the Shiny Sect!"

With these words, a disciple at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm of the Mysterious Sect went at Austin.

Austin did not dodge at all and chose to slap him.

The poor arrogant disciple was suddenly overwhelmed by the violent and horrible physical strength.


With a blink of an eye, the body of the disciple who was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm exploded like a bomb.

An ordinary disciple at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm meant nothing to Austin.

Go to hell!

Austin went on and pressed his palms on several disciples at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. More than thirty giant vital energy dragons roared and went out together with his palms. The power released was really astonishing. Everyone was stunned.

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