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   Chapter 1580 Shatter The Spiritual Pot

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"When did this outer disciple join our sect?" Elder Damian asked. His eyes were fixed on the black-robed man who had died at the hands of Austin.

He was the man in purple who had been with Bruno during the day.

Austin was shocked to know the assassin's identity. 'Who would've known that an outer disciple of the Shiny Sect is actually a killer of the Slaughtering Sect.

The killers of this organization are such good actors that no one can see through their tricks. They could be anyone, even those whom we think we know!

This is one of the reasons that makes them extremely dangerous, ' Austin brooded.

"He was Rafe. He passed the test and became our disciple a year ago,"

Steward Noah replied.

"Hmm. I see. Looks like someone hired assassins of the Slaughtering Sect to murder our excellent disciples.

These killers of the Slaughtering Sect managed to sneak into our sect and pretended to be our disciples. All this was done to assassinate our talented disciples.

I think that the other three top sects in the Dawning Kingdom have paid them.

We should investigate about all the disciples who joined us a year ago.

Find them and dispose all those who are from the Slaughtering Sect.

Hmm! I don't care who they are. Now that their hands are soaked with the blood of our disciples, they are going to pay the price," Elder Damian said coldly.

There was ruthlessness flashing in his eyes.

"Also make arrangements to protect the disciples on this mountain. It is likely that those killers will try to lay hands on them again," he instructed.

Being the superior elder of the Shiny Sect, he was held with great prestige and respect among the other members of the sect. He commanded a higher position than that of the leader of the Shiny Sect.

Steward Noah and other three elders followed his orders without a doubt or question in their minds.

"You all should be careful hereon," Elder Damian advised as he turned to the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

"Well done, Austin! You not only survived the killer's bid to assassinate you, but also took him out,"

he went on, looking at Austin with sheer appreciation.

The four senior members from the Shiny Sect and the disciples had their eyes on Austin. They were filled

ad been busy dealing with the investigations.

Austin worked fervently on his spiritual sense in the room.

He took out those superior herbs which he had collected from the Secret Valley so that the spiritual tree could draw energy from them.

With the superior herbs being used, the spiritual sense lake in Austin's Soul Sea expanded slowly.

Time ticked by slowly.

Ten days passed, and the spiritual tree had absorbed the essence of about three hundred first-grade superior herbs.

Now the spiritual tree was about four meters tall.

On the other hand, the diameter of the spiritual sense lake widened up to a hundred meters.

Waves rose and fell in the lake of pure spiritual sense from time to time.

"I have been able to enhance my spiritual sense a lot recently.

Now I guess I can fuse more omnipotent gas with my spiritual sense,"

Austin murmured feeling satisfied.

The Spiritual Pot was one of his best trump cards.

So, Austin planned to integrate more omnipotent gas with his spiritual sense to forge a more powerful Spiritual Pot.

Austin withdrew the spiritual tree.

Doing so, he released his spiritual sense and directed it into his elixir field in a bid to refine more omnipotent gas and make a more powerful Spiritual Pot.

Like in most cases one needed to break the old to make the new, Austin too needed to shatter the Spiritual Pot first before making a new one.

Only after doing that, he could refine another Spiritual Pot, which would be more powerful.

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