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   Chapter 1579 Slaughtering Sect

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Austin rushed towards the places where the other disciples of the Flame Holy Land lived. He released a burst of his spiritual sense to check on them.

He furrowed his eyebrows anxiously at what he found out.

Three separate tense fights were simultaneously taking place in different houses. The chaos created thundering sounds.

Austin dashed towards the nearest house where people were fighting. He appeared in the courtyard in a flash. His face was dim in silent fury and threatening aura.

A man in a black robe was attacking one of the Flame Holy Land disciples using powerful martial skills.

The disciple was battered and covered in deep wounds. Blood gushed out from his wounds, coating his body like a new skin.

The man in black was at a disadvantage in terms of his cultivation base. He was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm, while the disciple from the Flame Holy Land was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

However, the mysterious man in black was gaining the upper hand. The Flame Holy Land disciple struggled to defend himself from the powerful blows he was receiving.

The black-robed man was moving amazingly fast that made it hard to anticipate his next moves. The sword skills he displayed were also incredibly powerful. It seemed like he was trained to be a killer.

Even though he had not used many sword skills, he had employed all of his attacks to full capacity. He only had one purpose: kill his opponent fast.

The man's eyes were ablaze and screamed murder.

The instant Austin made it there, the man in black spotted him immediately. "What?"

he uttered, eyes falling on Austin.

Before anyone could blink, he moved his body swiftly and vanished into thin air in an instant.

The black-robed man left so suddenly that Austin couldn't even launch an attack on him.

"It's you, Austin," the Flame Holy Land disciple gushed as he stared at Austin with elation and surprise.

He had a thankful look in his eyes because he had just narrowly escaped death. If it weren't for Austin, he would have been lying cold on the ground.

"Go and help the others," Austin shouted.

Without wasting another second, he headed towards another house hurriedly.

They did their best to help their comrades, but there were some disciples who were too late to save.

Moments later, all the disciples who lived on the mountain with Austin floated in a flock mid-air.

They looked down at the dead bodies on the ground. Based on the wounds they had received, the victims had died at the hands of swordsmen

at dated back several thousand years ago. It still exists now.

The identity of its killers is highly classified. No one knows who they are.

Besides that, even their headquarters remain unknown.

Killers in the Slaughtering Sect don't show up unless they are hired to kill people.

Besides, they seldom fail their missions.

If that black-robed man's target was another disciple of the Flame Holy Land and not you, he would have most likely fulfilled his task,"

the Flame Emperor continued to explain.

'I think so, '

Austin thought with a nod.

The black-robed man's black sword just suddenly appeared out of nowhere in Austin's room back then. If Austin hadn't thought of the City model, he would have been stabbed through the heart.

It was hard to dodge that mysterious man's blow because he didn't show up until his sword did.

That was why Austin had almost died at his hands. The man was so cunning and almost impossible to track.

Besides, the man in black unleashed powerful sword skills and he mastered some unusual body movements Austin had not seen before. If it weren't for the Spiritual Pot, Austin might not be able to take him out.

The assassin's cultivation base was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm.

Based on his current power, Austin could put down most Semi-emperor Realm cultivators of the medium stage without any difficulty.

However, Austin had been nearly murdered by that killer in one fatal blow.

It just showed how skilled and dangerous the black-robed man was. Judging their encounter earlier, that man was an extremely powerful cultivator.

'Slaughtering Scripture is truly a terrifyingly powerful scripture, '

Austin noted.

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