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   Chapter 1578 The Cultivator In Black Gown

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9375

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Austin sensed an overwhelming fear. It was a sudden threat on his life. He tried to shrug it off but it followed him like a shadow.

It was strange and this kind of feeling made him feel uneasy.

No matter which direction he turned to, the nagging feeling was there.

'Damn it! I have no choice but to hide myself in the City model this time, ' Austin told himself.

Austin led the spiritual tree back to his Soul Sea. In an instant, it transported his body to the City model. This place was his refuge, his safe haven in times of trouble.

At the exact moment that Austin disappeared...


A long shiny black sword appeared out of nowhere. It contained fearful energy and landed at the exact place where Austin was sitting just a moment ago.

A black figure also appeared in the room. It seemed to be floating and gave off a negative pulse in the surrounding.

The man appeared to be in a black gown. The figure fluttered, like it was hesitant to show itself and would appear like a dark shadow in the room.

Half of his figure hid in the darkness while the other half seemed to have stepped into the physical world. He seemed to exist in another dimension and gave off a mysterious feel in the air. One could not say if this apparition was a good omen or a bearer of bad luck.

As he saw his sword hit nothing, the man in the black gown gave a surprised look. He never missed a target, and he was sure his target was in that exact spot.

Unbelievable! It was a sure kill for him. It was a close call to victory, but his opponent disappeared, and he had no idea where he was.

'Has he hidden himself in some spatial magic treasure?'

the man in the black gown asked himself, weighing the possibilities.

As he held on to his long black sword, the man in black looked puzzled. He stood in Austin's room and gave off his spiritual sense to search for Austin's body.

Inside the City model, Austin's spiritual sense looped into the situation outside. As he searched for answers, he detected the man in black as well.

The man in black released the vital energy force at the medium stage of Emperor Realm.

Realizing that he was almost killed by the man in black made Austin shiver. The hair on his arms stood on end. He realized that if he hesitated and stood on the spot for one more second, the sword would have hit him.

Austin was furious.

'Damn! It nearly killed me!'

Austin knew he could not let the man in black get away with it. Apparently, he was an expert assassin and Austin wanted to expose him.

Austin transported himself out of the City model, and all of a sudden his figure appeared in the room.


Austin wasted no opportunity. He let the Spiritual Pot out of the Omnipotent Pot and it crushed to the Soul Sea of the man in black.


o have fallen off to another space when he tried to escape Austin.

His face was colorless and blood continued to drip from his mouth. He was shaking and was like a corpse in appearance. He tried to stand but his legs failed to support him, and he fell back on the ground.

His spiritual soul in his Soul Sea was beaten endlessly by the Spiritual Pot and this caused him so much pain and injury.

"That's what you get for trying to kill me secretly.

You have to know the cost. Go to hell!"

Austin moved closer to the man in black. He moved slowly this time to taunt the dying man. He gave the man a punch on the chest. It was so strong that his fist pierced the man's body.

Austin then waved his hand in the air. He pulled the man's already limp hands and frisked the Space Ring from his fingers.

The man in black was so strange. Austin wanted to examine him further.

"Now let me see your real face first,"

Austin murmured. A few sharp sword auras burst out of his body like beams of light and tore the black gown of the man into pieces, revealing his face.

"It's him!"

Austin exclaimed as he stared at the face in front of him.

He had seen this face before.

He was the young man in purple gown who came together with Bruno Xiao.

At that time the young man in purple gown laughed mockingly at Austin and the other disciples with him.

"So did you come to kill me secretly because of what happened earlier today?"

Austin asked, confused. He tried to go back to what happened, but then suddenly he realized something.

"No! The other disciples might also be attacked by them secretly and are now in great danger!"

Austin shouted as he realized he needed to act fast so he could save them. He started his bodily movement skill and rushed in the direction of the huts where the disciples came together with him from the base.

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