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   Chapter 1577 Danger Is Approaching

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"The Chu Union?"

Austin and the other disciples of the Flame Holy Land were surprised to see outer disciples from a faction publicly recruit members to join their organization.

'No wonder Steward Noah said that fights often break out in the Shiny Sect, ' they thought.

"Thank you for inviting us, but we are not planning to join any organizations." A disciple from the Flame Holy Land politely refused Bruno.

He was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

"Oh? You are turning down my invitation?"

Bruno said with a dash of ferocity flashing across his eyes.

"In case you didn't know, Raven Chu is in control of the Chu Union.

He used to be the best outer disciple.

Now, he had been promoted as an inner disciple, and he is at the medium stage of Emperor Realm.

You should be honored to be invited to join us. If you dare to refuse, then... humph!"

someone behind Bruno retorted threateningly.

"It may be true that you were trained at the secret base behind our headquarters, but it doesn't mean anything. Don't think too much of yourself. You're just merely outer disciples.

You are nobodies compared to Raven.

I've even heard the senior members are watching him and planning to send him to the secret base.

You all left the secret base. I bet you were kicked out because of your poor performance. Otherwise, you wouldn't have ended up like this,"

another man taunted with a disapproving look on his face.

"I guess so. They must have been thrown out from the secret base. Just like us, they are now common outer disciples. They are not superior to us," a short man behind Bruno commented with a scoff.

"Damn it! If you dare and refuse to join us, you'll be in trouble," a tall man behind Bruno followed.

Their looks were full of menace as if trying to scare the disciples to join their force.

"Show me what you are capable of," a man about twenty-eight in a grey robe said. He stepped forward and stopped in front of Bruno.

His cultivation base was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

"You... come out and fight me,"

the grey-robed man said with a stern look at Austin and pointed his

f you see me form eighty dragons?' Austin wondered in his mind.

Austin and other disciples of the Flame Holy Land returned to their houses after all the ruckus.

When Austin entered his room, he continued his spiritual energy cultivation. He took out a pile of superior herbs and then released the spiritual tree. The tree kept drawing energy from the superior herbs.

Time passed by quickly since Austin focused his full attention on his cultivation.

It was midnight and he was still meditating.

The moon shone in the starry sky.

Austin was still working on improving his spiritual sense in the room.

Cultivators usually cultivated day and night if they got time.

Once they started their cultivation, they would be engaged in it for a long while. It could take several months or even one or two years without eating or sleeping.

At this point, Austin sat cross-legged in the middle of his room.

The spiritual tree was floating in front of his forehead.

There was a heap of superior herbs that was laid on the ground before him.

The spiritual tree absorbed the energy coming from the superior herbs.

The lake of spiritual sense in his Soul Sea became larger as he continued.

All of a sudden, in the middle of his cultivation, Austin felt cold as a chill crept up his spine.

'This is not good. I've got company. Looks like someone is coming to put me down!'

Austin thought with a frown on his face.

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