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   Chapter 1576 Shiny Sect

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Austin and the other disciples from the Flame Holy Land traveled by air, and as they passed by rivers, mountains, big cities, and groups of people going about their daily lives dressed in unfamiliar clothing, they knew that they were flying above another kingdom.

Half a day had passed

and they could see nothing but mountains around them.

"The Shiny Sect's headquarters is over there,"

Elder Damian told the disciples.

The sects were usually located in mountains with abundant spiritual energy and rich vegetation, as these conditions were ideal for cultivators.

They gaped at every breathtaking landscape they came across with. There were mountains full of towering trees with the greenest leaves, and a huge lake with water that sparkled like diamonds under the sun.

The beast's skeleton slowed down.

Soon after, it flew towards a huge mountain shrouded with mist. There were grand palaces surrounding them, and birds and beasts freely roamed the area.

'What a perfect place to build a sect, ' Austin remarked with full admiration.

The beast's skeleton landed on the square of the summit.

A middle-aged plump man was waiting patiently on the square.

Elder Damian jumped off the skeleton, and his disciples followed right after. He carefully placed the skeleton aside as soon as everyone was on the ground.

"Elder Damian,"

the middle-aged man greeted humbly as he walked towards Elder Damian.

"This is Steward Noah. He will tell you what to do,"

Elder Damian told the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

He had a little talk with Steward Noah before leaving the square.

"Attention, everyone. You'll stay here for the following two months.

Rules are simple, if you're at the Emperor Realm, you will pretend to be an inner disciple.

If you're at the Semi-emperor Realm, you will disguise as an outer disciple.

Rest assured, no one in our sect will suspect you.

In case you're wondering, it's because every one or two years, we select few excellent disciples and send them to the base for special training.

On the other han

nging smile.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Bruno Xiao," he proudly introduced himself.

He was a twenty-year-old young man with neat eyebrows and sharp eyes, dressed in white clothes and shoes. His cultivation base was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

"I thought people who are trained specially in the secret base were incredibly powerful.

Turns out I was wrong.

Some of you are just at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. How come you were qualified to be trained in the secret base behind our sect?

Now that you have been selected to the secret base and got special treatment, I think I deserved the same thing. It's unfair. The senior members of our sect are biased," snorted a young man in purple, who stood behind Bruno Xiao.

He glanced at Austin and his companions with eyes full of contempt.

Among the disciples of the Flame Holy Land who had been sent here, thirteen were at the Semi-emperor Realm; ten were at the premium stage and three were at the medium stage.

The man clad in purple clothes was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

"Don't be so rude," Bruno Xiao said to the young man in purple.

"Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing.

Would you like to join us?

We're from the Chu Union, the most powerful organization among those organized by outer disciples,"

Bruno Xiao offered in his monotonous voice.

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