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   Chapter 1575 The Tasks (Part Two)

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"Now, it is time to elaborate on the task to all of you. I will let you know everything about the task down to the very last bit of detail that you need to know," said Damian seriously to the disciples.

They were still flying in the air aboard the huge animal bone, which was sailing at a lightning speed amidst the clouds. Damian stood steadily on the bone with his arms crossed in his back like a mighty statue. His clothes fluttered and ballooned against the wind gracefully.

All the disciples hushed and gave him their full attention.

"This time, we will go to the Shiny Sect in the Dawning Kingdom.

The Shiny Sect is actually secretly controlled by the Flame Holy Land. We can say that it is one of the branches of the Flame Holy Land.

I think most of our disciples have already known about it.

In fact, some disciples in the base of the Flame Holy Land came from the Shiny Sect. They were brought to the base for practice because they are excellent warriors who showed wonderful performances. The Flame Holy Land is willing to offer them with opportunities to get trained and refined there in the base."

Damian's eyes settled on a few disciples as he spoke to the crowd.

"That's right. I'm one of the disciples from the Shiny Sect.

Elder Damian brought me to the base,"

revealed Rahul as soon as Damian finished speaking.

Several other Shiny Sect disciples disclosed their identities as well.

The rest of the disciples seemed quite surprised at such a fact. None of them knew that the Shiny Sect in the Dawning Kingdom was actually the branch of the Flame Holy Land.

Hearing Damian's words, Austin finally realized why the disciples from the Flame Holy Land were able to enter the Wild Herb Valley to collect herbs in disguise of


And all the disciples with a marital level of Semi-emperor Realm are outer disciples.

You will spend the next two months in the Shiny Sect. In addition, you must try your best to find out all the spies lurking in the Shiny Sect during that time.

You will be sent out to practice your martial skills in the outside world from time to time so that you can draw your enemies from where they are hiding inside their nests. You must take advantage of such opportunities and find out those sects plotting against the Shiny Sect disciples.

Does everybody understand the tasks entrusted to you?" asked Damian hardly after finishing his instructions.

Then he checked around to see everybody's response.

All the disciples nodded at him to show their agreement.

The animal bone continued to fly at a fleeting speed. Around them, everything seemed to be a blur.

It took them five days until they had reached their destination.

"Now, we're already in the territory of the Dawning Kingdom,"

said Damian to the disciples after scanning the environment below.

All the disciples looked down in curiosity to see what the land underneath them would look like.

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