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   Chapter 1574 The Tasks (Part One)

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Austin arrived at the square at noon the next day.

By the time he neared the square, more than thirty disciples had gathered already.

Over twenty of them were at the level of Emperor Realm, while the rest were at the level of Semi-emperor Realm.

He scanned the crowd and saw Rahul among them. Rahul nodded at Austin when he saw him.

Austin greeted the man back with a smile on his face.

Most of the disciples had gone to the Wild Herb Valley for the mission with Austin before, so they recognized Austin as well. They walked to him and talked fervently with him as soon as they saw him approach.

Those who did not know Austin felt surprised at their peers' attitude toward the young lad. They all wondered why such a disciple at the level of Semi-emperor Realm was so popular among the others.

Soon the crowd silenced as they saw a ray of black lightning fleeting across the sky. It landed at the center of the square. All the disciples rushed towards it without delay.

The black lightning turned out to be Elder Damian of the Flame Holy Land.

Elder Damian had the responsibility of escorting and picking up disciples of the Flame Holy Land to carry out missions in the outside world.

"Is everybody here?" asked Damian after settling his eyes on Rahul.

He then checked around to scan the gathered disciples.

"All disciples are here, Elder Damian," replied Rahul with a slight bow of acknowledgment for the elder.

He had already started the headcount before the elder arrived.

Damian nodded as a reply. While searching the crowd, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes. He turned to look towards the figure's direction and found Austin in the crowd.

"I didn't expect to see you here Austin! So you've achieved another breakthrough in your mar

teful for the elder's sincere suggestion.

"All right. We don't have much time. Let's go immediately."

Damian nodded as he swept his eyes across each of them at the square. Then he waved his hand to summon out a piece of animal bone that was the size of a palm in front of the crowd.

The tiny bone immediately transformed to the size of a dozen meters in just a blink. Numerous mysterious symbols emerged and sparkled with glaring light around the bone.

Damian signaled at the disciples as he leaped aboard the bone with them.

The air stirred as the bone began to shake in preparation for flying.

With a sudden jerk, the bone rushed forward and fleeted away at a lightning speed towards the horizon.

The world changed in everybody's eyes in just several seconds, as the bone had left the base of the sect and darted from inside of the gigantic trunk of a dead tree to the world outside.

The sun was blinding as it shone brighter while the songs of various birds rang from deep within the forest.

The bone didn't waste any minute after flashing out from the tree. It disappeared as immediately as it came out, leaving a trace like a shooting star across the sky to the far distance.

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