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   Chapter 1573 Mission To The Dawning Kingdom

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Time passed rather quickly while Austin was cultivating.

He sat with his legs crossed within the Vital Energy Refining Palace, resembling an old monk that got into meditation.

One day, two days, three days, four days...

The vital energy contained in the palace was too rich and violent. Many cracks littered the ground, streams of spiritual energy from the natural vessel of energy underground wafting out of them and coating the air.

Austin was completely submerged in the thick spiritual energy fog as the time of cultivation passed.

With a faint, rumbling sound, golden streams of vital energy surged within his body.

Two had months passed since then.

All of a sudden, BOOM!

A powerful wave of vital energy force rushed out of Austin's body.

He had reached the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm!

He slowly opened his eyes, which were twinkling brilliantly in his excitement.

"He has broken through again!"

At the sudden exclamation, the four other elder disciples who were cultivating opened their eyes and turned to look at Austin with astonished expressions. Did they hear that right? Austin had managed to break through again?

"Excuse me, everyone," said Austin, standing up.

"I've got to leave now."

The four other men were even more surprised at the sudden declaration. They could only sit in place and watch in shock as Austin walked out of the palace without another word.

Having just made a breakthrough, Austin had no intention of further cultivation.

Frequent breakthroughs could easily weaken the foundation of cultivation, after all, so they weren't necessarily good or sought after.

To better solidify his cultivation base, Austin decided he had to practice more before going through another breakthrough instead.

"This young disciple is truly incredible! For him, breakthroughs are just as easy as eating and drinking!"

"There are always geniuses like him in the world. I'm confident he will be very influential in the future!"

"Spiritual energy is quite ample in this palace. For a person who is under the Emperor Realm, he will certainly improve very quickly if he can withstand the pain during cultivation."

"It seems a genius will be rising in the Flame Holy Land!"

Seeing Austin leave, the four other elder disciples in the palace began to mutter amongst themselves.

Having left the Vital Energy Refining Palace, Austin flew towards the hill where he lived.

It didn't take long before he made it to his destination.

From afar, he could see a lovely figure standing and waiting for him. The figure was none other than Caroline, who smiled widely and waved once she caught sight of Austin.

She looked visibly excited and eager to share some good news, and as he approached, it didn't take much longer for Austin to l

in's vital energy level being very low, his real fighting power was equal to that of a cultivator at the medium stage of Emperor Realm.

"The Shiny Sect in the Dawning Kingdom?" Austin repeated. "So what exactly is the mission?"

Rahul might have said where the destination was, but he hadn't said exactly what the mission was supposed to be.

Back when the disciples of the Flame Holy Land went into the Wild Herb Valley to collect herbs, they had pretended to be disciples of the Shiny Sect in the Dawning Kingdom.

Because of that, Austin could only guess that there must be some kind of relationship between the Flame Holy Land and the Shiny Sect.

Still, he could not make sense of why the Shiny Sect was the destination of the mission.

"I honestly don't know.

Elder Brendan said the details of the mission won't be made public before we set out,"

replied Rahul.

Austin was quiet as he thought this through. Finally, he nodded his head.

"Alright then. Rahul, please let me take part in this mission."

Just like that, he had made his decision.

Having just broken through to the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm, Austin had already intended to go out and hone his skills through fierce fighting. It was only natural that he didn't want to miss such a mission now.

Moreover, Elder Brendan had said that the mission might be dangerous. That could only mean that it was surely going to be very challenging, and everyone who took part would get a good experience.

"Great! Thanks, Austin!" exclaimed Rahul in relief. "Then, you'd better prepare for the mission first. Be sure to go directly to the square at noon tomorrow. We're all going to set out together."

A wide grin adorned his face, his delight at Austin's decision clearly apparent.

Having gotten what he came for, Rahul then waved goodbye at Austin and Caroline and left.

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