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   Chapter 1572 Closed Training In The Vital Energy Refining Palace

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For the next few days, Austin worked on diligently practicing the Mysterious Dragon Fist.

The Mysterious Dragon Fist had eight incredibly powerful techniques.

One of these was the Giant Dragon Fist. This technique turned the vital energy dragons into a huge fist that could be used to hit the enemy.

Another one was the Dragon Blast fist. The vital energy dragons attacked the opponent with simultaneous explosion.

After a month.

Austin had mastered all the eight moves of the Mysterious Dragon Fist.

He must use them frequently in actual combat before he could utilize the skill's full potential, Aside from learning the techniques, Austin also tried to form more vital energy dragons.

Now, he could easily create eighty dragons with his own vital energy.

The vital energy dragons was the foundation of the Mysterious Dragon Fist. This technique required more dragons to maximize its full power. That was why Austin spent so much of his time trying to form more vital energy dragons.

Austin's Mysterious Dragon Fist was specifically made for him because of his vital energy stone.

For common cultivators, they could only form a dozen dragons from their own vital energy. While for Austin, he could create so much more.

This made it possible for Austin to achieve the full potential of the Mysterious Dragon Fist.

Aside from cultivating the Mysterious Dragon Fist, Austin also decided to enhance his spiritual sense.

He was planning to integrate more omnipotent gas into the Spiritual Pot.

The integration of the amount of omnipotent gas depended on the individual's spiritual sense.

The more powerful the spiritual sense, the more omnipotent gas could be integrated into the Spiritual Pot.

Therefore, Austin decided to improve his spiritual sense.

Austin's way of cultivating his spiritual sense was quite simple. Once he released the spiritual tree, it would absorb all kinds of energy and transform them into spiritual sense.

He started the cultivation of his spiritual sense. He took out a lot of superior herbs and then released the spiritual tree so that it could draw spiritual energy from the herbs.

His spiritual sense gradually strengthened.

After a while, the lake of spiritu

ultivation base, ' Austin contemplated.

Cultivators couldn't fake their vital energy fluctuations when they made a breakthrough.

Therefore, Austin decided not to conceal his cultivation base.

"I had some amazing adventures in the last two months, and these helped me hasten the progress in my vital energy realm. But compared to you, my cultivation base is still too low," Austin replied humbly.

'There is no need to give them the details of what happened to me in the Secret Valley.'

Austin went to a corner, sat on his feet, and began his cultivation.

As soon as he practiced the Golden Sun Scripture, a great deal of vital energy swarmed towards him.

There was so much vital energy that coursed through Austin's body, causing the energy meridians in him to expand quickly. They seemed like a balloon full of air that was about to explode.

This was the moment when the vital energy in his elixir field showed its value. It sucked all the excess vital energy from Austin's body.

A golden ball rushed out of Austin's body. It floated over his head and started to absorb the vital energy inside the hall.

"The formula he is practicing seems terrifyingly powerful."

The four cultivators were shocked when they saw the golden ball above Austin's head.

Although they were quite curious with Austin's golden ball, they didn't ask what he was cultivating because it was his secret.

Austin immersed himself and started his vital energy cultivation in the hall.

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