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   Chapter 1571 Dragon Tearing

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"What are you waiting for, brat?" the Flame Emperor taunted. "You haven't seen each other in a month, and there's no one around. It's just the two of you, all alone, right here. Pin her down and take her. Just enjoy the moment."

His voice was mocking yet persuasive, echoing all throughout Austin's Soul Sea.

"Shut your mouth, or else I'll put the Spiritual Pot back into my Soul Sea,"

threatened Austin.

"Oh, fuck off. I was giving you good advice, you ungrateful brat," snapped the Flame Emperor in response, pouting at Austin's words.

Being nothing more than a broken soul, the Flame Emperor was afraid of the Spiritual Pot. As much as he wanted to tease Austin some more, the threat was quite effective in silencing him for the meantime.

Austin rolled his eyes before he turned his attention to Caroline. "Oh, right. You've reached the premium stage of Holy Realm, haven't you, Caroline?" he asked, sounding both surprised and elated at the discovery.

He certainly hadn't expected this development.

Caroline nodded her head in response. "Indeed. I consumed a Green Evil Pill Elder Brendan gave me, and I managed to break through twice," she explained.

"One of our ancestors came up with the formula for the Green Evil Pill. This pill is helpful to the cultivation of our evil shadow race.

Right now, I still have two Green Evil Pills left. I think I'll be entering the Semi-emperor Realm soon."

A sweet smile adorned her face as she spoke. Austin listened to her intently, taking in the words she was saying.

"Hmm... Looks like I need to improve my pill refining skills, then.

That way, I can make the Green Evil Pill for you and your people,"

murmured Austin thoughtfully.

Pill refinery seemed very simple, but it wasn't to be underestimated. Different pills could actually contribute a lot to cultivation in different ways.

"Didn't you just come back from herb collecting?" asked Caroline, a concerned expression on her face. "I suppose you must be feeling quite tired. Please, go and get some rest first."

Her voice was soft and gentle as she spoke.

"You're right," said Austin, nodding his head. He really was tired, and rest would most certainly be welcome after some hard work. Waving goodbye to Caroline, he then headed back towards his hovel.

For now, he was going to take a rest and recover his energy. Afterwards, he was going to spend the following days focusing on his cultivation.

After all, in a year, he would be facing Howard from the Vasteras Holy Land in a duel.

Unlike him, Howard had already reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

Much as it pained him to admit it, Austin was painfully aware that he was no match for someone at Howard's level. So he was determined to become stronger within a year.

He figured it was enough time for him to become strong enough that he could face Howard on equal footing.

The battle wasn't just about the two of them, after all.

Before anything else, Elder Brend

I can create sixty dragons from dragon energy, ' he thought.

He couldn't help but grin even wider at the proof of his accomplishments flying right before his eyes. "Aw, yeah!" he gushed, letting out a breath and proudly looking on at the dragons.

"All my efforts weren't in vain. This time, I've got to learn the first move of the Mysterious Dragon Fist—Dragon Tearing."

To get himself started, Austin began to go through the introduction of the Dragon Tearing in his Soul Sea.

The Dragon Tearing technique was, just like its name said, all about dragons tearing their target into pieces.

Mastering this technique meant Austin would have another efficient way to eliminate his enemies. Basically, when he swung at his opponent, the vital energy dragons would come out of his body, with each dragon rotating quickly and piercing through its target to rip it into bits.

As long as the practitioner hit his enemy with his fist, these dragons would keep tearing their target until it was completely torn into pieces with no hope of recovery.

It could perhaps be less fatal if the dragons attacked their target directly, but because they would simply keep ripping their target, it would be more difficult for the target to survive the technique's blows.

Keeping the steps in mind, Austin then began to practice the Dragon Tearing technique.

A large number of dragons materialized from Austin's fist, roaring and reaching out sharp claws. As they did so, the hill shook vigorously, a vast number of clouds gathering above them.

As Austin engaged in his cultivation, Caroline stood by the door of her hut every once in a while and watched him, affection visibly showing on her beautiful face.

With not much else to do, much of her time was spent cultivating in her cabin.

Time went by, and five days had already passed.

"I finally did it!" exclaimed Austin, the excitement apparent in his voice.

In just five days, he had successfully mastered the Dragon Tearing!

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