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   Chapter 1570 Can I Come Over

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To confirm, Elder Damian's gaze shifted towards the other disciples. There was an inquisitiveness in his manner.

Yet he only found affirmation. Everyone nodded simultaneously.

"Elder Damian, Rahul is telling the truth."

"Yes, Elder Damian. Under Austin's leadership, we've managed to put down dozens of disciples from other sects in a very short period of time. He really is very helpful and might be the lucky break we need."

Two of the disciples immediately confirmed that Rahul was telling the truth.

Once he was sure that Rahul had been telling the truth, Elder Damian suddenly laughed out loud and his expressions changed and gave way to his real feelings. "Good.

That's very good. Alright you brats. You did a good job."

He beamed at them all in a twinkling manner.

"Damn it. Those fucking senior members from the three holy lands had always been trying to hold our sect back with some really dirty means. But if you killed their disciples in the Wild Herb Valley, then you did the right thing. There's only so much we can tolerate,"

Elder Damian praised the disciples, grinning from ear to ear.

He seemed really happy and ecstatic with the news and it took him quite a while to finally regain his composure.

"I'm really proud of you all. You did a better job than I had expected and you're clearly better than I give you credit for.

I'll fill Elder Brendan in on your good performance and you all are sure to get a handsome reward," Elder Damian continued, looking at the disciples with an appreciative eye.

"Oh, and Austin, nice work. You even managed to make friends with Miss Ren from the Deep Sea Commercial House. You've shown wonderful talent in planning and leadership and I can see that you're a born leader. The disciples managed a great thing with your help,"

Elder Damian praised, studying Austin with admiration.

"I'm flattered, Elder Damian. But you're too kind. The truth is, without Rahul and the rest of my companions' help, my plan wouldn't have worked,"

Austin responded with a slight and modest smile.

"You're a modest kid, Austin.

I like that. Anyway, you can leave, if you want to.

You spent an entire month plucking herbs, and you must be feeling tired now.

Go get some well-deserved rest,"

Elder Da

had understood his address, Zoe left with glee.

"Brat, why don't you try going on a date with her? She's got scalding hot looks and an inviting figure. Besides, she is completely innocent,"

the Flame Emperor suggested.

"Damn it! What the hell are you talking about? I've already had two fiancees till now and Caroline is waiting for me at home. Nothing is going to happen between Zoe and me!"

Austin snarled at the Flame Emperor furiously.

"Whatever! Strong cultivators in the Divine Continent always have several mistresses. Some of them even have a bunch of concubines,"

the Flame Emperor retorted.

Austin pouted his lips but did not respond.

Pretty soon, he landed on the mountain where his hut was situated.


Before he could recollect his wits, a figure dashed towards him from one of the cabins like a shooting star.

Caroline rushed into his arms hurriedly, and the scent of her body filled his nose instantly.

"You're finally back,"

Caroline cooed in his arms, looking up at him with large, loving eyes.

Austin couldn't help but draw a smile at the sight of this beautiful woman in his arms.

'Caroline has changed a lot.

She is now a timid, clingy woman.

She used to act elegantly and gracefully because she is the queen of the evil shadow race.

But now, she has changed because of me.'

At this thought, he felt himself become fonder still of Caroline. He put his arms around her waist and locked his eyes with her in the most affectionate way he knew.

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