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   Chapter 1569 Are You Making That Up

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The white-robed man of the Arcane Holy Land and the golden-haired man of the Vasteras Holy Land were simmering with rage. Their faces turned red as their blood boiled in so much anger.

The enormous vital energy came out from their bodies that caused strong bursts of wind around them.

"All our disciples died in the valley.

This must be a plot. Humph! We must get to the bottom of this at once,"

the man wearing a white robe said as his face contorted in fury.

"Disciples from only one sect couldn't have murdered all our disciples alone.

I guess many sects were involved in this. The senior members of these sects conspired against us and ordered their disciples to lay a hand on our people in the valley.

Humph! I know that many sects in the East Mainland are hostile to our three holy lands," the golden-haired man followed.

Golden light emitted from his body and formed blazing golden flames.

Besides the three men from the three holy lands, the elders and stewards of some first-class, second-class, and third-class sects that were also in the platform were enraged.

Some of them also felt disappointed and frustrated.

After a while, they all dispersed and left.

Since the entrance to the Wild Herb Valley was closed, there was no need for them to stay there.

There was nothing they could do at this moment.

A day later, explosive news spread widely throughout the East Mainland.

The several news that broke out were not good ones.

It was said that all the disciples that the three holy lands had sent to the Wild Herb Valley were all killed.

The disciples of the several first-class sects that also went to the valley met the same fate.

So did some of the disciples of the second-class, third-class, and fourth-class sects.

However, people were only curious about the death of the disciples from the three holy lands and some top sects. They seemed to care less about the other victims of the tragic news.

After all, the three holy lands and top sects were the ones that ruled the East Mainland. They were more prominent and more important than others.

They didn't pay much attention to the news that the disciples of second-class or smaller sects also failed to get out of the valley alive.

It was the first time that the three holy lands and the top sects had lost all their disciples who were t

s, pills and magic treasures they collected.

It took Elder Damian a while to recover from the shock that was brought by seeing all those valuable items. He finally burst into wild fits of laughter. "Well done!

You guys have done a pretty good job.

Tell me what had happened in the valley.

Something must have happened, or you couldn't have gotten so many of these superior herbs. After all, you were few in numbers,"

he said with a beaming smile.

Rahul then shared Elder Damian everything that they had done in the Wild Herb Valley.

When he was telling the story, Elder Damian became more shocked as he heard what really happened.

After Rahul finished speaking, the elder was shaken up. His jaw dropped with his mouth agape because of the revelations that he had just found out.

"Are you saying... You...

You cooperated with the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House and took out all the disciples of the three holy lands, of the top sects, and of the second-class and third-class sects at the valley? How is that even possible?

I can't believe it!

Are you making that up, Rahul?"

Elder Damian sounded skeptical and amazed at the same time as if he heard something that would never happen.

His expression showed how shocked he was. His eyeballs were close to popping while his mouth was still wide open.

"Elder Damian, I swear I am telling the truth!

If you don't believe me, you can ask the others," Rahul replied to him after taking a deep breath.

He somehow predicted that people would not easily believe what happened.

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