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   Chapter 1568 A Loss Of Face

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"All right, we'll talk about it when we get back," Damian agreed. And then, he did something marvelous.

He waved his hand in a quick swish-and-flick motion, and the next moment, a piece of some animal bone, carved with numerous mysterious symbols, appeared in it. It somehow seemed to be filled with a sort of purplish light. It didn't stay that way for long. Within seconds, it grew to more than twenty meters long and ten meters wide. And then it came to a rest in midair.

Though everyone was intrigued, they jumped inside it following Damian's lead.

Meanwhile, the men and women of the Deep Sea Commercial House were preparing to leave as well. But theirs was nothing as exotic as a bone. It was a huge battleship that was gently swaying in the waters.

Before the battleship started on its journey, Stacy looked in the direction of the cultivators who had come there from the Flame Holy Land, and her eyes came to rest on Austin longingly.

Sensing her gaze, Austin turned around and gave her a gentle smile. They had shared an adventure together and it was sad to see her leave.

"Will we ever see each other again?"

Austin suddenly heard Stacy's soft and expectant voice in his Soul Sea.

"Maybe. You never know what life has in store for us. If it's our destiny. We'll definitely see each other again,"

Austin assured her in a gentle voice.

"Let's not leave anything to chance. Here, I'll give you my token.

The Deep Sea Commercial House is spread over the whole East Mainland. If you want to find me sometime, just take this token to one of our branches. They will pass on your message to me," Stacy told him, and he saw her slightly wave her white hand.

Then, a stream of soft, white light flew from her hand towards Austin and stopped in the air in front of him.

Austin was then stunned by an object's sudden appearance in his hands. It was a purple jade badge that worked much like an id-card.

"Sure thing."

He softly grabbed the jade badge and solemnly put it away inside his Space Ring. Friendship, after all, was a precious treasure and this badge was the map.

He was done just in time. As soon as he put it away, the animal bone he was standing on turned into a stream of light and left the platform.

Behind that, the battleship of the Deep Sea Commercial House also disappeared in the distant sky, turning very soon into nothing but a far-away point.

Then more and more elders and stewards of the remaining sects also began to leave the platform, along with their disciples.

However, the three men from the three Holy Lands were still waiting, floating high above the platform.

In fact, numerous elders and stewards of other sects were also still waiting.

By this time, the number of people who were rushing out of the Wild Herb Valley had begun to decrease, and the crowd had dissipated.

"It's strange that the disciples of our Vasteras Holy Land haven't come out yet. What is going on?

Are they known to delay like this all the time?" a golden haired man from the Vasteras Holy Lan

out of the entrance and the exit to the Wild Herb Valley.

Within moments, it blotted out everything from view. Nothing but fog could be seen.

Boom... Boom... Rumblings began to echo from the valley, as if the entire place was crashing in on itself.

It was at that moment, that everyone outside felt a powerful jolt in their hearts. This was final now! No one would come out anymore.

The Wild Herb Valley, which opened only once every thirty years, was now closed for the next three decades.

No one could enter, or leave the place until it finally opened up once again.

A sullen, scary, eerie silence fell over the platform.

The three men from the three Holy Lands were staring in disbelief at the thick mist. As if they were saying, 'No way!'

Same was the case with the elders and stewards of the remaining sects.

Finally, the three men from the three Holy Lands, who were standing above the platform, recovered enough sense to finally turn their heads and look at each other.

There was doubt and anger in each of their eyes, as well as a total sense of loss.

The three of them had publicly boasted for hours and hours on that the disciples of the three Holy Lands would find the biggest harvest in the Wild Herb Valley. They were sure to be the winner.

But they hadn't expected the complete opposite, which was actually what had just happened. Every single one of their disciples had been wiped out.

It was like a slap in their face.


How can this be! It is impossible. I refuse to believe it.

I don't believe it! What the hell is going on?

How could it be that not a single disciple of the Rudimentary Holy Land managed to make it out?" roared the strongly built man from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

His body began to glow with a strong and horrifying light, of pure crimson and blood red shade. As if to showcase the mounting of his anger, the light then rose and roared in the sky, turning a greater part of the sky blood-red, and casting a terrible gloom over his surroundings.

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